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11 Things you should teach your child.


11 Things you should teach your child.


Being a parent is a big responsibility. Every parent wants the best for his or her children and we keep on making constant efforts.11 lessons every good parent should teach their kid  are here.

1. To live an active life.
Today our children are occupied with gadgets which are making them less active. Today’s lifestyle has to be change and more of physical activity is to be introduced. This will helps your child to live a longer, happier and more fulfilled life. It will help him to get more and better sleep, increased energy levels, and minimize trips to the doctor. Which every parent actually wants. So push your child for an active lifestyle. Encourage him for outdoor activities, swimming, cycling, walking, running, skipping.

2. To care for their teeth.
Yes, this has become an important thing to be taught to every child. Today children at a very small age are heading towards dental problems. The food they eat is highly processed with very less fiber and too much of sugar.

3. To accept disappointment and move on.
Teach your child that life is a roller coaster ride. It doesn’t go smooth and every time you can not be the winner. Winning and losing are the two sides of a coin. If they give their 100% then they should not be disappointed. they should be taught to win and loose gracefully. Most of my students come to school and just have no idea how to lose or even win gracefully. It’s probably okay to let your child win every now and then, but please never do it just because they are being a sore loser. I think it would be better to just stop playing until they are a better sport. —Lyndsey Z., kindergarten teacher

4. The value of hard work.
It doesn’t matter if it’s in school or anywhere else. Working hard pays a lot more dividends than sitting on the butt. Teach him the importance of hard work because it only pays off and success has no shortcuts.

5. To stand up for themselves.
Being pushed around is no way to live a life. Every person has the right to say and protect himself. Encourage them to stand up for themselves, speak what’s on their mind boldly and respectfully, and lead the way when the situation calls for it.

Teaching children common courtesy begins in your household with the dynamics of the parent child relationship. Teach your children to be respectful to their parents, as well as their siblings, teachers, caregivers and friends. Teach them to say thank you and please they interact with- the supermarket clerk, the ice cream server, the waiter, etc. With this foundation in place, you will start to notice how it begins to happen naturally, on its own (though reminders are needed from time to time). Teach them that it is important to share, and the value of the golden rule and why they should care how others are feeling. Inspire and motivate your children and teens to carefully consider the importance of common courtesy.

7. Not to hold grudges.
Anything which puts negativity in them should be kept far from. They need positive environment to grow. Teach them not to hold grudges for a long time as they will be like a hindrance in their calmness and growth.

8.Never stop reading and learning.
Everyday is a new teaching. Children should also know learning does not involve reading textbooks only. There are many ways to learn. Encourage your children to be open-minded and receptive to learning from life situations (both positive and negative), other people who are good role models, as well as their parents.

9. Resolve disagreements amicably.
Disagreements are inevitable in life, especially in today’s hyper-competitive, self-serving world. Children should practice keeping a level head in the face of confrontations and disagreements. Encourage them to breathe, weigh all sides of an issue and ask questions like “why” and “what if.” That way they focus on the problem and not the person, and it become easier to control dangerous emotions like anger and rage.

10. Sharing
The most important lesson of life. Sharing is caring and human beings have this trait which they should never forget. Teach them to give away  their used toys, clothes to the poor ones . Share their favorite food with their siblings and friends.

11.Teach them to love and be loved.
Children should be taught to express their feelings. Love is the greatest virtue of them all. Everything hinges on it. Without love everything crumbles. Teach kids to love themselves and others not for what they do, but for who they are. And when kids are old enough, let them know the importance of loving their partner unconditionally and practicing safe sex. It might be uncomfortable, but don’t forget to teach kids how to recognize and say “No!” when someone is using or abusing them.

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