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6 Unhealthy Foods

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Most of the people are on unhealthy diet today. People have damaged their good nutritious food eating habit by heaping their systems with unhealthy foods and becoming addictive to worst foods.

Here are 6 foods whose intake has to be restricted in order to be healthy  today , tomorrow and forever.

1) Sugar  (refined sugars)

Undoubtedly sugar gives quick energy but sugar is a source of ” empty calorie” which gives no other nutrient than energy. Those who derive large amount of their energy from concentrate d sugary food are likely to be poorly nourished. This is because these foods are eaten at the expense of other more nutritious foods there by depleting the amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins in the body.
Excess Sugar leads to fat and thus you fall prey of other disease like obesity, diabetes, heart disease.
Sugar also contributes to arteriosclerosis , anxiety, irritability, shakiness, headache, insomnia.
Natual Sugar is present in fruits, vegetables, cereals, breads, milk, milk products, dry fruits. Sugar from these sources comes along with other nutrients. So this is the right way to take sugar in your diet.
But if you consume cakes, biscuits, puddings, sweets , chocolates then you will get more sugar and very few nutrients which will sooner or later harm the body.
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2 Caffeine-

Caffeine is a drug and is an
addictive.Caffeine is found in a wide range of food products and over the counter drugs. Caffeine is found in coffee, tea, cola, chocolate and in some fruits and seeds. It’s also a frequently used additive in over the counter pain relievers, appetite suppressants and cold remedies. Caffeine is flavorless.
While moderate caffeine use isn’t considered harmful in the long term, excessive caffeine use can cause high blood pressure and can be a contributing factor in fibrocystic breast disease. Habitual caffeine consumption can also cause chronic insomnia.
Caffeine produces an initial surge of energy, alertness, and well being through it’s direct effect on the nervous system and adrenal glands. With this constant stimulation the nervous system and adrenal glands become stressed and overworked causing fatigue and immune system problems in long run.

3) Soft drinks

Soft drinks contains sugar , caffeine , gas and synthetic colour. Carbon dioxide is a gas we breathe out. Through these cold drinks we ingest carbon dioxide. Now our body has to word hard to expell that energy out. It destroys the calcium in our body. So the best thing is to replace carbonated and sugary drinks with water, lemon, fresh juices or  herbal teas.

4) Animal proteins

Although animal flesh, eggs and dairy products provide the complete protein necessary for health but in excess they can be harmful. Animal fats are saturated fats and bring about free radical formation to some extent. They not only enhances aging but also hasten the onset of disease like cancer of colon and breast.
Excess intake of red meat also stimulates calcium loss and reduces bone density leading to osteoporosis
It is a misconception that vegetarian food lack proteins.
High animal protein diet are thought to be more disposed to bowel cancer, hypertension, diverticulosis and arteriosclerosis .

5) Refined foods

Refined grains lack fiber and key nutrients that their whole-grain counterparts retain. Without fibre food can take unto 70-80 hours to pass through the digestive tract. Lack of fibre in the diet is responsible for sluggish bowels, constipation and more serious disorders such as diverticulosis and possible cancer of the colon. so avoid white bread, white pasta, white flour products like samosa, noodles , pizza . Instead of that opt for whole wheat products. Whole grains retains the outer layer of the grains known as bran or husk and has all nutrition intact.

6) Saturated fats-

Excess saturated fats have been implicated in cancers, obesity , cardiac disease, and a host of other disorders.the more is the intake of saturated fat the more the body makes cholesterol which may build up on the arterial walls from childhood resulting in arteriosclerosis ( hardening of arteries from fatty deposits).
Dairy products and fatty meats are major culprits.

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