May 29

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6Things Women should Carry In her Bag


You never know where you will need it. The moment you step out of the house you tough uncountable things which makes your hand dirty like lift buttons, money, car handles, chairs trolleys. So to protect yourself  always keep a hand sanitizer along. The most popular ones are Zuci Junior, Dettol,  infectiguard,  Bath and Body Works

2 Mirrors

I hate it when there is something in my eye and no mirror in sight. What about checking your teeth after that salad you ate for dinner? I guess you could always ask a stranger if your hair looks okay, but if you’ve got a little mirror you can do it yourself.

3 Tampon or Pad

A must in every woman’s bag. Nothing worse than needing a tampon and not having one. By keeping one in my bag you save yourself from stress. And even if you dont need it, you might run into a lady in the bathroom that does need one. How much is she going to love you  when she see that you came prepared?

4. Face Tissue or Oil Absorbing Sheets.

No one likes to get herself  clicked or meeting some one with an oily face but hot whether can definitely make your face look absurd. So to get  the shine back just clean your face with the oil absorbing sheets and stay gorgeous.

5. Money- Always keep a note of atleast Rs 100 untouched in your purse which is only for the emergency, don’t shop till your purse is empty as you never know when you need money during the way back to your home.

6. Phone- In todays world phone has become such a necessity that you can not afford to leave it apart from you.

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