Apr 08

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7 Secret Habits Of Happy Women

Secrets to Happiness, joy, Smile filled life-

Be happy and spread Happiness

Being healthy all the time is a happy habit. I am so glad that I got to know the secret habits which women follow to live happy all the time. To be happy is an art. Very few people master this and once it is learnt, nothing like it, life becomes worth living again. Not every moment or every day is happy. Though we completely agree that everyone has terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days but this art will put you on track and will help you to find happiness again.

secrets of being happy

Here is what can change your life too-

1) Does not demand perfection

To be practical you have to accept things and people near to perfection, but if you will keep on looking for 100% perfect person or thing then things will become difficult. You will always remain unsatisfied. Happy women understand this and develop the habit of not finding too much perfection.

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

2) Live in present

Thinking of too much of the past destroys present. Happy women believe in present and always ready to welcome future. They free themselves from the clutches of past memories which if are bad can destroy the present adversely.

3) Positivity

Happy women always find good things around and ignore the bad ones. They praise for good things, don’t hesitate to compliment for goodness around. They develop this habit of finding good things in people, places and things and praise for it, this makes their mind relax.

4) Ready for new things.

This world is so big and so wonderful and so rich of things to try and learn and do. When we say yes to simple things like new foods, important things like new friends and everything in between like new book genres, new tasks and new experiences, our endorphins increase and our our happiness rises with them.

5) Work properly

If you have done your work properly then you don’t need to worry and if you have kept things on right places then you don’t have to waste your time, energy in searching them and gaining undue stress. To remain calm all the time, happy women adopt the practice of doing things perfect.

6) Less gossip

Happy women understand the worth of life and time, so they waste less time on discussing others. They  believe in sharing happiness and positivity around and don’t blame others for anything. They are more practical. They accept changes as they come.They are balanced and not biased.

7) Forgiveness

A Key to Happiness is Forgiveness of Self and Others. Forgiveness heals you from inside and releases you from the trap of past memories. Though forgiveness does not make you forget but it helps you to save yourself from getting hurt again and again by recalling those memories. Even happy women don’t find it easy work. This is an  advanced adult skill which they always aim to use to make there present better. It takes commitment, willingness, action, intention and energy to forgive, but still it is not too difficult.


If we all incorporate these principles of happiness, smiles and joyful life which happy women follow, we can be achievers in our lives.

Share your views and your mantras of being happy all the time in our comment box.



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