Aug 02

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All about Fats

Fat facts
cooking oils
All about fats
Today we are too occupied of doing too many imperfect things, like taking fats completely out of our diet without realizing how important they are. fats play a big role in our body. Infact, it let us survive during the period of prolonged  Mental and physical stress, sickness and prolonged starvation so fat is our body’s answer for bad times. It is the only nutrient which can help us survive through the toughest phase of our life.
Fat is energy dense substance which provide 9 calories per grams. Carb and proteins provide 4 calories per gram.

Benefits of fats:

1 Transports vitamin A, E, K, D, which are also known as fat soluble vitamins.
2 Protect vital organs like heart, kidney, liver, lungs etc.
3 Acts as an insulator and prevents loss of body heat.
4 Is a part of protective sheath covering the nerves and helps in nerve transmission.
5 Stimulates flow of bile and emptying of gall bladder.
6 Required for milk production and the normal growth of a foetus in pregnant women.
7 Makes up much of the brain. More than 60% of the brain is composed of fat.
8 Lubricates joints.
9 They insulate the body against cold
10 provides energy
11 Acts as a shock absorber around the bones and the organs 
12 Insulate nerve cables and  lubricate skin

What are Fats?
Fats that we eat are made up of two chemicals: fatty acid and glycerol. These are formed from carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. These can be either saturated or unsaturated depending on the structure of fatty acids. The more the hydrogen atoms a fatty acid has,  the more saturated it is.

Harmful effects of fats?
Fats are essential for our body but they are good up to a limit. If our fat intake is high then the excess fat will be stored in body cells and will make a person over weight.by consuming bad fats you can predispose your body to the risk of free radicals. These free radicals can lead to many health ailments it can lead to aging, heart stroke, obesity etc.

So while choosing fats consider  the right and wrong fats.
Best fats are monounsaturated fats
Worst fats are trans fats or hydrogenated oils
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