May 09

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Amazing Facts on Plants

Why leaves are green in colour?

In plant cell there is chloroplast which have a pigment called Chlorophyll which gives green colour to the leaves.

When a beam of light strikes the surface of the leaf, the chlorophyll absorbs the long wavelengths (red) and short wavelengths (blue) of the light it does not absorb green colour as it reflects green, making the grass and leaves appear green.

Do plants sweat like we do under the sun?

Yes, plants do sweat and sweating in plants is called transpiration.

What is the difference between herbs and spices?

Herbs are the leaves of the plant, while spices come from the roots, bark, or seeds. Any part of the plant that is not a leaf and can be used for seasoning would fall into the spice category.

What are carnivorous plants?

Plants who eat animals and insects are called carnivores plants.
More than 600 species of such plants are known to human.
 These plants capture and digest insects and other animals by means of ingenious pitfalls and traps.

Which is the oldest living thing on earth?

It’s a Plants.
The Great Basin Bristlecone Pine is 5067 years old. This pine tree is the oldest know tress which is found in North America.

Which is the tallest grass?

It is the fastest-growing woody plant in the world; it can grow 35 inches in a single day.

Can one plant produce both potatoes and tomatoes together ?

Yes through Grafting it can happen. Grafting is a horticultural techniques used to join parts from two or more plants so that they appear to grow as a single plant. In grafting, the upper part of the combined plant is called the scion while the lower part is called the rootstock.

Why do trees shed leaves?

Trees lose a lot of water, by evaporation, from their leaves and in cold weather it is difficult for a tree to suck up any new water, because most of the water in the soil is frozen. So the tree shed its leaves to prevent water loss.

Which country is named after a country ?


Is cucumber a fruit or vegetables?

A cucumber is a fruit and not a vegetable since it has seeds in the centre.

Where is the seed of a strawberry?

Strawberry is the only fruit that bears its seeds on its skin (outside). The average strawberry has 200 seeds.


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