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Why Exercise is Important?

exercise, workout, fitness, benefit of exercise, exercise health and fitnessThis is an article on fitness which tells why 30 minutes of workout is must for healthy living.

We all know exercise is important for us but still we are lazy to be loyal with our body. Half hour of daily workout can give our body unlimited benefits but we don’t find time for it actually it is not that we don’t get time it is that we don’t take it as a priority.
Here are some known and some unexpected benefits of exercise which I hope are enough to inspire you to take up some sort of physical activity.

Exercise for Weight loss

we all know exercise and right diet is all we need to lose weight. Exercise boost metabolism and burns the excess calories which otherwise are stored in our body and make our body fat. To know the best exercise to reduce weight click here.

Prevent Heart disease

Active lifestyle is important for a healthy heart. Physical activity keeps our body active. It improves the cholesterol and keep blood vessels flexible and open by reducing LDL cholesterol which is bad cholesterol. It improves heart muscle function. Not only this it also reduces chances of developing blood clots.

Exercise improves Brain and memory functions

Workout not only makes you physically healthy but is also good for mental health. Workout improves memory, ability to think and learn. Studies have shown that physical activities increase level of brain derived proteins.

Exercise Reduces Stress

After a day long when you are tired a quick workout can benefit you. Exercise increases concentration of norepinephrine, a chemical that can moderate the brains response to stress. So next time when you are back from office don’t just do rest but also take a walk or a quick workout session to relieve the stress. yoga or Power yoga are considered to be the best for reducing stress.

Boost happy chemicals

Most of you must not be aware of this benefit. During physical activity body releases endorphins which creates feeling of happiness and euphoria.So it helps u to come out of depression. So if you or someone in the family is undergoing depression then ask them to do 30 min exercise or any Workout or can join Fitness Center forYoga, Cardio, Strength Training or some dance class, aerobics.

Prevents osteoporosis

Exercise started at early age is too beneficial as it strengthens the bones . Exercise not only helps in building muscle and endurance but  also build and maintain the amount and thickness of your bones. Exercise allows you to improve muscle strength, joint structure and joint function

Exercise improves sleeping patterns

Exercise in the day can promote the quality of sleep. Relaxation exercises will help you to ease tension and relieve headaches, backaches and insomnia. 30 minutes of exercise done atleast 5-6 hours of sleep can ensure sound sleep.

Exercise reduces diabetic complications

Exercise for diabetics is must. Exercise can help to reduce insulin requirements, lower your cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, and in the long term can reduce the development of heart disease and stroke. This is important because diabetics have a higher risk of developing heart and circulatory problems. Exercise can also promote weight loss, improve circulation and reduce stress levels (raising your glucose level).

Exercise prevents Cold and flu

Exercise makes your body strong and thus the chances of getting cold are less. Even if you get cold the symptoms will disappear more quickly than who do little or no exercise. Exercise spikes the immunity of the body.

Now you know the benefits of exercise so please follow thwem and stay fit anf guide others to workout for atleast 30 minutes daily.

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