May 09

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Bitter truth about sugar

The bitter truth about the sweet stuff-Sugar

Before you add another spoon to your cup of tea wait and recall “there is poison and then there is sugar”, poison kills faster and death by sugar is slow and comes with additional complications.

One teaspoon of sugar have around 4-5 grams of sugar say upto 20 calories now decide whether you need another spoon or not. Normally we don’t count sugar specially the spoons which go in body unnoticed. Like carbonated drinks a can of cola about 350 ml has about 10 teaspoons of sugar. Beverages have the most hidden sugar. Fruit juices, packed foods, canned fruits, ice creams, ketchup, Thai curries, salad dressings, instant soups, flavored yogurts, instant cereal mixes, biscuits, cookies, chocolate all have good amount of sugar.

Here are the reasons to avoid sugar as if your life depended on it:

1) Effects liver – sugar we eat is half glucose and half fructose . Glucose is important for our body and if we don’t get it from our diet, our body make it from the proteins and fats but fructose is not essential. It puts load on liver as liver is the only organ which metabolises fructose.
In short extra sugar can harm liver.

2) Empty calories- refined sugar contains no vitamin or minerals they just add to the calories. They increase your calorie intake without increasing your nutritional levels.

3) Increase body’s fat-
Excess of sugar converts into fat and thus makes the body fat

4) Sugar harms cholesterol

5) Sugar has a dispersing upward energy, it fuels the brain unnecessarily (if had in excess) causing melodrama, anxiety, mood swings, depression and loss of sleep.

6) Low and high sugar levels cause irritability and headache.

7) Depletes Vitamins: if sugar is taken in excess then you may lose B vitamins , and this may include the little stores of vitamin B12, causing hair fall as minerals get depleted.

8)Destroys calcium : sugar can strip minerals overtime from the body and more importantly calcium from the bones, causing osteoporosis and anaemia

9) Dental problems:Sugar causes cavities.

10) Increase Your Risk of Diabetes: Consuming sugar-sweetened beverages, such as soft drinks, fruit drinks, iced tea, and sports drinks, may increase your chances of developing type 2 diabetes.  Loading up on sugar-sweetened beverages tends to lead to weight gain, which is a risk factor for diabetes.

There is certainly nothing wrong in consuming moderate amount of sugar, but the problem is that chances of eating excess of sugar is too high.

Don’t be sugar blind

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