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Blood group B diet Food

Diet for people with Blood Group B

This diet is for blood group B positive or B negative

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Dairy and Eggs :

Cottage cheese.

Feta cheese.

Goat’s cheese.

Goat’s milk.

Milk–skimmed, semi-skimmed.

Mozzarella cheese.

Ricotta cheese.

Yogurt–frozen, Greek-style, with fruit.



Cheddar cheese.

Creme fraiche.

Edam cheese.

Emmenthal cheese.

Fromage frais.

Gouda cheese.

Gruyere cheese.

High-/low-fat soft cheese.

Jarlsburg cheese.


Munster cheese.

Neufachatel cheese.

Parmesan cheese.

Provolone cheese.

Soya milk.


Blue cheese.


OILS Olive oil.


Cod liver oil.

Linseed (flaxseed) oil.


Rapeseed oil.

Corn oil.

Cottonseed oil.

Groundnut oil.

Safflower oil.

Sunflower oil

SEEDS and NUTS Most nuts and seeds are not advised for Type Bs, so there is no highly beneficial Almond butter.

Brazil nuts.

Hickory nuts.

Macadamia nuts.


Cashew nuts.

Peanut butter.

Pistachio nuts.

Pine nuts.

Poppy seeds.

Sesame seeds.

Sunflower margarine.

Sunflower seeds.

Tahini (sesame seed paste).


BEANS and PULSES Kidney beans.

Lima beans.

Navy beans.


Broad beans.

Cannellini beans.

Green beans.

Peas–green, sugar-snap.

Red soya beans.


Aduki beans.

Black beans.

Black-eyed beans.


Lentils–brown, green, red.

CEREALS Oat bran.

Rice bran.



Cream of rice.

Grape nuts.


Cream of wheat.

Shredded wheat.

Wheat bran.

BREADS Brown rice bread.

Fin crisps.

Millet bread.

Rice cakes.

Sprouted-wheat Essen[c]e bread.

Wasa bread.


Gluten-free bread.

Ideal flat bread.

Oat bran muffins.

Pumpernickel bread.

Hi-protein bread.

Spelt bread.

Soya flour bread.


Corn muffins.

Durum wheat bread.

Multi-grain bread.

100 per cent rye bread.

Rye crisps.

Ryvita crispbreads.

Wheat bran muffins.

Wholewheat bread.


Rice flour.


Graham flour.

Plain flour.

Quinoa–flour or grain.

Rice–basmati, brown, white.

Self-raising flour.

Semolina pasta.

Spelt flour.

Spinach pasta.


Barley flour.

Buckwheat flour.

Bulgar wheat flour.

Durum wheat flour.

Gluten flour.

Rye flour.

Soba (buckwheat) noodles.

Wholewheat flour.

Wild rice.

VEGETABLE Beetroot leaves.

Broad beans.

Brussels sprouts.

Cabbage–Chinese, red, white.

Collard greens.


Mustard greens.

Peppers–green, red, yellow.

Sweet potatoes.


Alfalfa sprouts.

Bamboo shoots.

Bok choy.

Chilli peppers, jalapeno.

Dandelion greens.

Jicama beans.

Lettuce–butterhead, Cos, iceberg, Webb.

Mesclun salad mixture.

Mushrooms–abalone, chantarelles, cultivated, enoki, porcini, Portobello, tree

Onions–green, red, Spanish, spring, yellow.

Potatoes–red, white.

Squash–all types.

Swiss chard.

Water chestnuts.



Jerusalem artichokes.

Globe artichokes.

Mung bean sprouts.

Olives–black, green, Greek, Spanish.

Radish sprouts.

FRUITS Grapes–black, green, purple, red.

Plums–green, purple, red.


Figs–dried, fresh.

Melons–canang, cantaloupe, casaba, Crenshaw, Christmas, honeydew, musk,


Prickly pears.

Star fruit

JUICES Cabbage juice.

Cranberry juice.

Grape juice.

Papaya juice.

Pineapple juice.


Apple cider.

Apple juice.

Apricot juice.

Black cherry juice.

Carrot juice.

Celery juice.

Cucumber juice.

Grapefruit juice.

Orange juice.

Other vegetable juices

Tomato juice.
TEAS AND OTHER BEVERAGES Green tea. Coffee–decaffeinated, regular.

Tea–decaffeinated, regular.

Wine–red, white

Distilled spirits.

Soda–Cola, diet, others.

Seltzer water.


–Spices, Dried Herbs and Flavourings.– Curry powder. Bay leaf.

Brown rice syrup.

Caraway seeds.

Cayenne pepper.

Cream of tartar.

Maple syrup.


Pepper–red flakes.

Rice syrup.

Seaweeds–dulse, kelp.

Soy sauce.

Sugar–brown, white.

Vanilla–essence, pod.

Vinegars–balsamic, cider, herb, red and white wine, white.


Almond essence.

Barley malt.

Corn syrup.


Pepper–ground black and white, peppercorns




Reference- Book Eat right For Your Blood Type.
Dr. D’Adamo recommends that Type B, “Approach this program as a long term strategy. This is not a short term goal, rather a lifestyle that you adapt for a lifetime of health and well being. There is no doubt that there is a connection between the mind and the body. The knowledge that we can do something to change our genetic destiny is powerful.”

Blood group diet, Blood group B diet, Blood group B diet, Eat right according to your blood type, blood type Diet, Blood Type

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