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Emotions or Mind, who rules?

Life is a mind game. If you go in flashback and keep thinking about some incident where you lost your dear one you will notice that you will become sad and may tears come from your eyes. Yesterday I was watching my marriage album I was so happy to see all my family members dancing and enjoying. I was so happy to recall those old memories and suddenly the Good bye scene started,  I started crying in the same way I cried 7 years ago at the time of my marriage. 
The mind has the power to bring back the old memories and change your emotions. 
In a three hour movie ,as the scenes changes our emotions keep on changing because brain keep on sending signals to the body and different chemicals releases as a result emotional aspect keep on changing.

Yes it is true mind can change your emotions and to some extent control your emotiins Therefore, the best way to make your mind work to your advantage is to master the art of thinking. Learn to control your life through a consistently empowering strength of mind. Think positive. Do not ignore life’s harsh reality but always take each occasion with an optimistic mind. Yes, an awful lot of things can happen to your life but to let such unhealthy thoughts always preoccupy your mind is a sign of a weak resolve. Do not let your worries get the better of you. 
I fell in front of forty people and was badly hurt but mind ruled my emotions and asked me to be calm and quiet despite of the pain I had.

Mind is always the winner so it is necessary to feed the mind with affirmations, positivity and good thoughts.  The simplest things can sometimes bring about the most profound changes 

To live a joyful life expand your mind and control negative thoughts haunting you and turn every thought into positive  or a neutral one that can be used for constructive purpose. Life is beautiful all we need is to look into its beauty  and it is possible only if we quit our complaining nature.

negative thoughts

Make your life beautiful by feeding the mind with positivity.  If in any relation your are hurt stop your mind to think about the past. Repeatedly if you think about the arguments you had in past you will not only spoil your present mood but keep on putting clutter in the form of anger and bitterness in your mind. So the best way is to say sorry and save yourself from the negativity increasing in your mind and later in your body and changing your aura or else keep yourself engaged in other beautiful relations you have aound.     

Remember every thought or emotion is a seed and what we think, we become.

negative thoughts

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