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Popular Coffee styles

Coffee beverages styles leads to confusion as names are too different but the ingredients are common and almost same in few.
Cafe coffee day, starbucks, barista are becoming popular day by day and giving a clue that coffee is a big business. These big coffee houses have introduced many similar styles of coffees which make it really difficult to distinguish .

This is the general information for all the coffee lovers who want to know what is exactly served.

Expresso shot: The purest and strongest form of coffee, it is an Italian invention and is the basis of all the various coffee styles.

Home Preparation: It’s easy to make a strong espresso at home. Just add a spoonful of Coffee to one-fourth hot water in a mug and stir. Add sugar to taste.

In cafe- A shot of espresso is about an ounce of highly concentrated coffee. The coffee is finely ground and usually placed in a portafilter, which is then attached to the espresso machine. The machine applies high pressure and very hot water, and the espresso slowly drips out. The resulting product can be consumed as is, similar to drinking a shot of liquor, or added to steamed milk to make beverages like lattes or cappuccinos.
The best espressos are made with dark-roasted coffee that is not very acidic, often with a hint of chocolate or caramel sweetness.

Caffè Americano, or Americano (English: American coffee) is a style of coffee prepared by adding hot water to espresso. The ratio is 1:1 .


Cappuccino: an Italian drink made from steamed milk foam and expresso shot.

Cafe latte: It is almost same as cappuccinos just with the difference of milk foam. It contains much more milk than cappuccino.

I Caffe mocha: It id a chocolate-flavored variant of a cafe latte. It is also called as hot chocolate. Like a caffè latte, it is based on espresso and hot milk, but with added chocolate, typically in the form of sweet cocoa powder, although many varieties use chocolate syrup. Mochas can contain dark or milk chocolate.
They are usually served with cream on the top.

Frappe coffee : frappe means chilled it generally denotes a fruit flavored chilled with ice liquid. Frappe coffee is a cold coffee with a frothy top. It is made by adding One or two teaspoons of instant coffee, sugar (to taste) and a little water in a shaker or blender to form a foam, which is poured into a tall glass. To this is added cold water and ice cubes, and, optionally, milk – typically evaporated milk. The glass is served with a drinking straw.

Cafe cubano: Another great coffee drink is the Cafe Cubano. This is a caffeine-filled sipper that originated in Cuba. It consists of shots of espresso mixed with natural brown sugar.

Caramel macchiato: It is actually vanilla syrup and steamed milk with espresso shots poured through the milk. Topped with little caramel syrup. Macchiato means spotted . So when little milk is added in expresso it becomes Macchiato.

So these are few coffee types on the menus, next time whenever you visit a coffee shop, don’t get confused just order the right coffee for yourself .

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