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Collective nouns for group of animals

Some of animals group are well known like flock of birds, army of ants, herd of buffalows or a shiver of sharks. Lots of animals have different names when they cluster in crowds. safety is the biggest reason for the animals to form groups. Some animals are highly sociable in nature so most of the time they are seen in large groups. Here is a list of names of group of animals. Lets begin…

A pandemonium of parrots.

A flock, raft, team or paddling of ducks.

A group of penguins in water is called raft and when on land , it is called waddle.

Battery of barracudas.

Monkey come in a group called troop.

A flock of birds.

A mischief of rats.

A smack of Jelly fish

A committee of vultures.

A sloth of bears

A troop of apes.

A pack of wolves.

A tower of giraffes

A colony of bats.

A prickle of porcupines

A crash of rhinoceroses .

A bed of oysters.

A herd of cows.

A business of flies.

A conspiracy of lemurs.

A thunder of hippopotamus.

A muster of Peacocks.

A school of fish.

A troop or mobs of kangaroos.

A coalition of cheetahs.

A murder of crows.

A zeal of Zebras.

A business of ferrets.

A team or harras of horses.

A clowder of cats.

A pack of dogs

Group of Young ones of cats and dogs are known as litter.

An army of ants.

A pride of lions.

A group of sheep is called flock, herd or mob.

A dray or a squirrels.

A group of dolphins is called pod or school.

A group of frogs is called army, colony or knot.

A group of elephants is known as a herd or parade.

A bunch, flight or flock of pigeons.

A herd of deer.

An obstinacy of buffaloes.

A drift or drove of pigs.

A parliament of owls.

Flamingoes come in a group called stand or flamboyance.

A bask or float of crocodiles.

A nest of snakes.

A grist/ hive/ swarm of bees.

A hood of snails.

A consortium of crabs.

A cloud of grasshopper

Caterpillars come in a group called army.

A swarm, kaleidoscope or rainbow of butterflies.


Hope you learnt little bit about the strangest names of groups of animals. We will keep on adding names of group of other animals in our list .






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