Jul 09

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Don’t get others rule your life.

Life is precious as I always says. Every individual has the power to create his own world, the only thing is that that power has to be generated and the courage has to be found within to strengthen you as an individual. Nobody can scare you until you chose to be scared of him. No body can make you cry until you are ready to shed your tears.

Toxic people prey on anybody they consider to be weak. It could be you if you are a little shy, socially awkward, or even somebody who lacks physical prowess.

In our whole life we come across so many different people, and some of them are attached to us in a relation whom we can never break. Whether we like them or not but they are always near us and we consider them as a barrier in our life. They are those unavoidable people who slowly slowly start using us or ruling us.

But we need to change. We need to stand upto ourselves. We have to  leave thinking of what others will think and start thinking about what we want.

Make your life simple by avoiding or ignoring negative people. Give them a chance to understand that you have life beyond your relation with them. Make them understand that you don’t like them much and remember such people if they do not get the attention, they crave, their actions become more drastic, starting arguments, throwing a tantrum or acting destructively. But deal with it. Be firm. Get the strength to ignore. Yes ignore.

Remember not to share secrets with such people. Be reserved to them.

One important thing you should keep in mind is that true friendship and fidelity is one of the rarest and most valuable commodities you will ever have in life, so don’t allow this to be corrupted by toxic, negative and untrustworthy people. Spend maximum time with your good friends if not possible then spend your time with yourself but not with the bossy people around you.

Fill your life with happiness not fear. Set limit of others to what level they can interfere in your life.

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