Mar 11

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Easy tip for weight loss

Easy tips for weight loss
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  1. -Start the day with the glass of water.
  2. -Don’t miss ur morning walk or yoga or any kind of fitness activity.
  3. - Try to make permanent changes in your eating habit.
  4. -Plan your meals ahead of time. Shop and stock your kitchen as per the plan so that whenever you feel hungry , you pick the right food with high nutrient value.
  5. -Learn to recognize physical hunger. Most of the time you are thirsty but you take it as a hunger and grab a lot of unrequired stuff. Drinking generous amount of water is the best way to reduce appetite. Don’t gulp it down , drink slowly.
  6. - Never skip breakfast. Intact it should be the most sustaining meal, comprising of complex carbohydrates (cereals, bread, fruits and vegetables).
  7. -sit and eat. Enjoy every bit of your food. Beware of unconscious eating avoid eating in front of tv screens or while talking.
  8. -Learn to eat slowly. Chew the food properly take atleast 20 mins for a meal.
  9. -Watch FATS.
  10. -Learn to control the quantity of food. Never refil your plate.
  11. - Invest in non stick utensils. specially a non stick kadhai and a non stick tawa.
  12. -Try having tea without sugar. In the beginning it will be a problem but soon you will develop the taste.it will take you a long way in losing weight.
  13. -in between meals if you are hungry, reach out for fruits which have high water content like papaya, pears, oranges, pomegranates, melon& water melon. Avoid- bananas, grapes, chikus, mangoes as they are high in calories.
  14. - Avoid tinned foods, processed cheese, even take paneer sparingly.
  15. - Limit sugar as well as salt intake.
  16. - Use herbs and spices to flavor your low calorie food.
  17. -Limit the use of readymade soups vegetables , roti, stuffed praunthas. eat fresh homemade food.

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