Jun 21

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Easy tips to lose weight

If you really want to shed some extra kilos then you must read following

weight loss tips

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Great and easy weight loss tips and techniques

1 Eat slowly. Chew your food properly. This will help you to burn more calorie and digest food easily.
2 Leave the table as soon as you are finished eating and spend less time in the kitchen or area that have tendency to remind you  of eating.
3 Never go to market or parties on an empty stomach this will encourage you to eat junk food.
4 Never eat while watching tv or reading since this way you will eat more while not concentrating on your meal.
5 Stay away from fried foods.
Boiling, broiling, baking or steaming are the best techniques for preparing foods.

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6 Eat salad greens and vegetables before the main course ; since they will take the edge off your hunger fir higher calorie food.remember the best salad dressing is none.salad dressings are high in fat and calories. If still you want to use then opt for lemon, vinegar, calorie free herb and spices.
7 Use non stick cookware.
8 Always check the label before eating. on the label look for calorie ( energy) , sugar, fat, sodium.the excess of these things can harm your weight loss program.
 9 Fiber helps to lose weight because of the slower emptying of the stomach and makes you feel fuller earlier. 20 gms of dietary fibre is must.
10 Exercise is must. If you cant involve yourself in any physical activity then you do walking. Atleast 30 min brisk  walk is necessary.
11 One easy technique for losing weight is to reduce  your calorie intake by 300 calories per day, and increase your activity level by 200 calorie per day. This is a total of 500 calories lost per day.

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