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Food for every season

seasonal foodPotency of food during specific seasons has been mentioned in almost all scriptures and ancient medical texts. Nature has created fruits and vegetables according to the requirement of the season. Human body responds differently in different seasons so our food should be according to our body requirement. Food has a thermal nature. It has warming and cooling properties.


winter is the time when our body needs more energy to survive in cold weather. We have to keep our body at normal temperature.So whatever food we eat in winters should provide us energy and should give warmth to the body.
Food like ginger garlic, grains like whea, jowar, bajra, onions, green chillies, pepper, mustard,sarson, dates, honey and jaggery. Pulses like Kabuli channa, rajma, black dal, dry fruits,soups, eggs, fish, chicken, red wine all these things have warming effect and should consumed during winters.

Cooking method that requires longer cooking time impart more warming qualities to food.

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It’s the season of light food and lot of fluids. This is the time of year for salads , icecreams and cold soups. In this season food with cooling properties should be consumed.
Food like cucumber, watermelon, melon, litchis, mango, lime, gourds are consumed abundantly because they have more water content and thus give you a cooling effect.
Oils  should be consumed least, as the body already excrete a lot of sweat and grime. Pulses which are lighter like moong and masoor are the best for this.


This is the transitory phase between summer and winter. In this season almost all vegetables are available so it becomes more difficult to chose what is right because monsoon months are notorious for water contamination and spread digestive disorders including jaundice and typhoid.
In this season avoid raw food and food high in water content.

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