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Health after 50 years of age

Health after 50

senior heaLth

With age you have to be more careful with your diet as with age body’s mechanism keeps on changing. With age body becomes prone to muscle weakness, less immunity, disease, illness, low metabolism.Our metabolism slows down  senses become weak, body is not able to digest food properly, menopause can be quite disturbing. Seniors who have lost there partners can feel lonely and depressed. They may also become emotionally weak.

If you have started with healthy diet earlier you will have great benefits in this age like better immunity, increased mental acuteness, better management of chronic health problems., emotionally balanced.

So aim for Right food in right quantity.

Food is to feed body, mind and soul. Your body needs nutrition to keep your muscles, bones, organs and all body parts in good state of  health. You need food to boost immunity, and fight illness as with age chances of disease like heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, bone loss, arthritis, gout, diabetes, cancer, anemia, memory loss, Alzheimer increases.
So you have to be more particular wit your diet.

How much to eat?

Calorie requirement  over 50 years of age
not physically active
woman needs 1600 calories
man needs 2000 calories

Physically active
woman needs 1800 calories
man needs 2200 – 2400 calories

Physically very active
woman needs 2000 calories
man needs 2400 – 2800 calories

what to eat?
Consume fruits as much as you can have this will give you more fibre and more vitamins. Try to avoid juices. 1-2 servings of mixed fruits should be in your daily diet.

Choose anti oxidant rich dark, leafy greens such as spinach, broccoli, cabbage as well as orange and yellow vegetables like carrot, yams, squash in your diet. All vegetables should be taken. At least 2- 3 servings of vegetables should be in your diet.

Choose whole grains instead of processed or refined grains for more nutrition and fibre. Oats, millets, bajra, wheat, ragi, brown rice should be in your diet instead of white flour( maida) , semolina (Suji).

We all know calcium is required for healthy bones. Calcium prevents osteoporosis which is common in aged people. Senior needs 1200 mg of calcium everyday this you can get from milk, yogurt, cheese and non dairy products like almonds, fruits, tofu, broccoli, kale.

All vitamins are necessary for the body.
Vitamin B – after 50 your stomach produces less gastric acid making it difficult to absorb vitamin B12, which is required to keep blood and nerves vital. So try to get vitB12 from fortified foods or vitamin supplements.
Vitamin D – weak bones are very common in old people this is because of inadequate calcium and vitaminD. We all know that the main source of vitamin D is sun, but with age our skin losses the efficiency of synthesizing vitaminD. So we need to keep a check we need to have proper blood test done and if there are some deficiency we should start with vitamin D supplements.

Check your sodium (salt) intake:
Sodium causes high blood pressure, water retention in body and also makes our bones weak.so reduce sodium salts.

Control your sugar cravings:
First there is poison and then there is sugar. Sugar is slow poison. Try to avoid as much as you can. Excess of sugar can lead to diabetes , heart disease and many other problems.

Increase your fibre intake:
To avoid constipation and chronic disease and  to remain fuller for longer time increase your intake of fibre in your diet. For this you can consume more green  salads, raw fruits and vegetables, isabgol, ground flaxseed.

Increase your  Water intake:
This will flush out the toxins from the body. Keep the hunger away. And most important it will keep you hydrated. Senses of thrust dull as we age so Sip water every hour and with meals to avoid urinary tract infections, constipation, and even confusion.

Proper health check up and blood  and urine test are must in every 6 months after the age of 50.

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