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Health FAQ’s

Reader questions about the switch to real food:

Question: ”I really want to switch to good nutritious food but don’t know where to start.”
  Answer:  Its too good to switch to a healthy lifestyle . In beginning it can be little difficult but slowly your body will get used to and will love to consume good food only. First major change you can make is have a proper calorie count of whatever you eat and secondly instead of eating junk food switch to natural food like fruits, dry fruits, vegetables, green salads, home made sprout salads or sandwiches, soups, yogurt and other health snacks. 3 proper meals and 2 mini meals . Avoid processed food refined grains like maida, sooji.
For more tips you can read : How to plan a healthy meal. and 6 unhealthy foods.

Question:  Which is better,  organic food or regular one?
Answer:  Organic produce is definitely better but don’t forget that eating conventional fruits and vegetables is better than not eating any produce at all.

Question: “How do I convert all my recipes into healthy whole foods? I would like a substitution guide for sugars, oils, and flour.”
 Answer: For sugar try substituting a fraction of what the recipe calls for with honey or maple syrup (I usually start with less than half). For all purpose flour try substituting white whole wheat flour or regular whole wheat flour (both are 100% whole-grain) and for oils read 

Question: “I am really confused on oils. Market is loaded with different oils. Please guide me on that?”
Answer: We have a great article on oils. Please check you will find your answer.

Question: Many people talk about Spirulina? What is it?
Answer: Undoubtedly Spirulina is a super food and is worth including in your diet. Here are the reasons:

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