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How to make sprouts?

Sprouts are a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. They are complete and rejuvenating food and have abundant goodness in them. It has lot of fiber and water, making it an ideal food for those who desire to lose weight. It prevents constipation, improves immunity and delays aging. Combined with fresh vegetables and fruits, it nutritional value further increases.

make sprouts

What is sprouting?

Sprouting is the practice of rinsing and soaking, storing the seeds until they germinate, or sprout.

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sprout-maker     casserole

Sprouts in Sprout maker                                                               Sprouts in casserole


How to make sprouts in sprout maker

  • Step1: Soak the beans for about 8 hours or overnite.

  • Step2: Wash the beans and drain. Rinse the sprout maker thoroughly.

  • Step3: Add fresh water in the top compartment

  • Step4: Put the soaked beans in the second compartment (the middle one). The bottom compartment is left empty.

  • Step5: The water from the top compartment drips into the middle one and goes down to the last one.

  • Step6: Remove the water from the bottom compartment every day.

  • Keep the sprout maker in a warm place, better on fridge top to maintain warmth.


Best way to grow sprout is to grow them in casserole. 
Method:- Clean the seeds to be sprouted well. Soak the seeds for about 6 to 12 hours. Ensure that the beans are completely submerged in water. you can do this before going to bed. After they are properly soaked,Wash The seeds.

Drain water and Squeeze out any excess water after that you can spread them for 5 minutes on muslin cloth, a cheesecloth or thin cotton cloth to dry.(optional to dry more) will also work . Now transfer the beans or seeds in a casserole and close the lid. keep them untouched for 14-16 hours. After that open and check if yet not ready then sprinkle some water and close the lid and keep for few more hours.

When the seeds has developed short shoots, it is ready to eat! Eat raw, steamed or microwaved, in a salad, stew or on its own. Once germinated, the sprouts can be preserved in a container in the refrigerator.They will last for four to five days.


  • Keep the casserole on  room temperature.
  • Make sure there is no stagnant water at the bottom of the pot/ casserole otherwise the sprouts will rot.
  • If the sprouts dries up, sprinkle some water on it to dampen it.

Note -you can grow sprouts for 3-4 days but make it a point to rinse it nicely everyday to prevent foul smell and contamination and open the lid for atleast 5 minutes so that the sprouts can breathe and will not get rotten.

Stick to a sprout rich diet and feel more healthier, more energetic and more alive.

Seeds commonly sprouted -
Green gram/moong dal
Sesame seeds
Fenugreek seeds
Bean seeds
Sunflower seeds



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