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Insufficient Water Intake

Water – one thing without which we can not live. We all know its importance but still most of us lack in having sufficient water intake and this is one main reason why we all have to face so many illness.

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Insufficient water intake leads to several health ailments so let’s read and find out whether we are getting enough water and if no then how harmful it can be for our body.

Water is a zero calorie drink which makes upto 65% of human body.

Water carries nutrients to our organs and tissues, delivers oxygen to cells, maintain body temperature and pH balance, aids digestion, relieves constipation , heartburn, migraine and muscle ache, prevent kidney stones , arthritis and even heart attack.


Most of the people drink water only when they are thirsty but do you know that an average person loses more than 6 cups of water a day through urination and 4 cups through body functions like bowel movements, perspiration and breathing. This is the reason why atleast 8-9 glasses of water are suggested to drink.


But the amount of water intake increases with your health condition and activity level or with your living conditions,  if you are exercising more, or the weather is too warm, or you have any illness or infection, kidney stones. Pregnant Women or lactating mothers need  more water minimum 12 glasses.


Here by water we mean plain zero calorie drink, H2O. Sugary drinks, tea ,coffee,  soda or colas can not be  replaced with water. Infact tea, coffee , sodas are diuretics: because they encourage frequent urination and are responsible for dehydration.


Symptoms of insufficient water intake:

Acne, Bloating, confusion, constipation, cramps in arms or legs , dark yellow urine, less urination, heartburn, stomach burn, dizziness, dry eyes,  dry skin, dry mouth, headache, loss of appetite, irritability, low blood pressure, nosebleed, poor concentration, rapid heart rate, sinus pressure, water retention, recurring urinary tract infection.


Water and weight loss have direct and indirect relation.


Four reasons why water is considered to aid weight loss

1) Water is a natural hunger or appetite suppressant. – drinking a glass of water keeps hunger at bay as it fills the stomach quickly. Many a times we mistake thirst with hunger and keep on adding unnecessary calories.

2) Water flushes the toxins and provides oxygen to the body. It is needed in processes which burns body fat. Our body needs water for normal body functions. Liver metabolizes fat and kidneys stain waste and toxins from the bloodstream. But if water in the body is inadequate then kidneys will not be able to perform their function and will insert more pressure on the liver. As a result more fat will deposit in the body.

3) It keeps muscles healthy and toned. Less water reaching muscles reduce their pliability and often leads to aches and joint sourness. If water intake is less then the body becomes dehydrated and this leads to low blood volume and less oxygen to muscle tissues and this whole thing makes you feel tired and sluggish. This thing will reduce your physical activity level.

4) It prevents water retention .

Many a times we feel we are drinking  enough  water but we need to keep a record to ensure the proper intake of water. Drink atleast 2 litres of water and never attempt to drink entire daily requirement at once.


People with adrenalin kidney problems should check with physician before increasing their daily requirement.


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