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Is worry a habit or a necessity?

Today we keep on worrying about everything, about the bills, food, children, disease, money , friends, relations, situations and things which are going to happen years after.

What is worry?
Worry is a fear which creates negativity in you.
In worrying you disconnect yourself from the present and starts making illusions. It is a way to run from present and make your mind unnecessarily busy and occupied .

Unrelenting doubts and fears can be paralyzing. They can sap your emotional energy, send your anxiety levels soaring, and interfere with your daily life. But chronic worrying is a mental habit that can be broken. You can train your brain to stay calm and look at life from a more positive perspective.

Why we keep on worrying?
People think they worry because they care, they are concerned. But worry comes from fear which is a negative emotion and care and concern is where there is love , it is a positive feeling.

People need to create stability in present moment but they find it difficult and thus make their mind occupied by creating worries.

By worrying people create a fear that if this happened then what. “this what” makes them a creative person. They keep on thinking further and further. They keep on thinking for something which has never happened and even they are not sure whether it will happen or not.

This worrying makes people physically sick. It makes them a negative person and depletes their energy and moreover in worrying they losses their present moments which will never come back as time never stops for anyone.

Worrying effects physically as well as mentally. It takes the strength away . People need strength to face the situation but by the time they reach to the situation their energy has been depleted in imagining the worst outcomes of that situation.

For eg : if your husband is stuck in a traffic jam and is late and he has no way of communicating then after little wait you start worrying. You will start imaging what would have happened , soon you will come to this level in imagining that he might had an accident. You will keep on worrying what if he met with an accident, how would I live without him. What I will do without him. Now this worry will make you completely negative. Now instead of thinking the way of searching him or thinking atleast positive Is not possible because the brain is doing other thing, it is worrying, imagining the things which might have never happened.
Now when the husband is back you shouts and ask hundred of questions and husband simply says why are you worried, now your answer is that – because I care for you.
Now do you think that through worrying you show your care? It is just that by doing this you think how will you be effected by this situation.
If husband met with accident, wife thinks how will she live without him? It is not the care it is just a worry

Example 2 : children keep on worrying about his exams, he goes into imagination he imagines that if he didn’t study he will not get good marks, then he will annoy his parents and teachers, he will not get admission in next class, his friends will make his fun, everybody will humiliate him but the thing is that if instead of worrying he put that time and effort in studying the results will be better. And if he keeps on worrying and stops studying then all the imagination will become the reality and he will say “see I knew it, I am gonna fail”.
The reality is that thoughts create the destiny so why not to leave the fear , the negativity a side and make your mind strong and stable and stop your mind quickly when it starts creating false illusions.

Try to stay focused on reality, rather than on a terrifying fantasy your imagination has created.

Meditate , have faith in God. Future is unpredictable. Your worries can not predict them but they can pull you back from the positive outcomes . Because thoughts create destiny.



 brahma kumarisReference: sister Shivani- Brahma Kumaris

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