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Keep a food and exercise diary

Keep a food and exercise diary–A great step towards fitness

Before you start any diet plan , get a small notebook to keep an account of the following:-
1 The time you eat each meal.
2 What you ate and drank at each meal. Be specific including amounts.
3 Estimate portion sizes.
4 Where were you and when you ate ? Like at home, at work at party .
5 Were you hungry?
6 Were you stressed, relaxed, bored, angry or guilty?
7 Record physical activity for that day.
8 Time you wake up in morning and time you slept each day

After a weak or two, look back over your entries to see what type of eater you are. This is a self test. With this you can find answer for the following-1. How many meals you are eating a day?
2. Do you snack regularly?
3. How long you go between meals or snacks?
4. Are you eating because of hunger, boredom, anger or guilt?
5. Do certain emotions trigger binge snack – food eating?
6. Are you eating healthy food, such as fruits vegetables, lean proteins,whole grain products.
7. Are you eating junk food?
8. How much fat and sugar you are consuming?
9. How many calories you are eating?
10. Were you hungry when you ate, or did you just eat because you thought it was time to eat?
11. Are you doing any exercise?
12. Are you eating while wagging TV or at computer ?
13. Do you eat at night just before bedtime.

Now this diary will help you to know what kind of eater you are ? What mistake you are making in your eating schedule. This will help you to analyze your eating habits. Now after analyzing yiu can take steps in right direction to improve your eating pattern.

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