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Lime and Lemon benefits

10 Lime and Lemon benefits . 

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We all are aware of the health benefits of consuming lime and lemons but let’s go through the benefits of it once again so that we don’t skip this tangy, zesty flavored fruit in our diet.

List of benefits of lime and lemon
1 A great anti oxidant
Lime and lemons contain many flavonoid compounds that have antioxidant properties.
This is the reason they improves the body’s immunity, protect against disease like cholera, cold cough, protects against inflammatory disorders like rheumatoid arthritis.

2 Vitamin C powerhouse
This is one of the biggest benefit of lime and lemons. They are powerhouse of vitamin C. Lemons contain more Vitamin C than lime. 100gms of lemon provides 90% of the daily recommend value of Vitamin C.

3 Great for weight loss
I am sure everyone must have read or heard about losing weight by having a glass of lemon water with honey as the first thing in morning. It is because it is rich in vitamin C and it is a great fat burning food.

4 Beautiful skin
Lime juice has been used as a bleaching agent for centuries. Lemons help rejuvenating skin and protects skin from infections. Lime and lemons
Peel when rubbed on dry or scaly skin , it moisture the skin, makes it soft and supple.
It has anti Aging properties, skin lightening, skin whitening properties. It can cure wrinkles and can remove blackheads.
Daily consumption of lemon water can bring noticeable difference in the skin appearance.

5 Effective against dandruff
Lemon is one of the ingredient in many hair shampoos and hair oil because of the simple reason that it is effective against dandruff and have anti biotic and disinfectant properties. It is beneficial in controlling hair fall and other hair and scalp related problems.

6 Healthy gums
Vitamin C in lemons can help in curing a lot of  gum problems.

7 Maintain normal blood pressure
Lime and lemons contain potassium which regulates heart rhythm and keeps blood vessel relaxed thus it helps reduce the risk of hypertension.

8 Beneficial for eyes

9 Aids digestion
This is the reason why we add lemon juice drops to our salads. Lemon or lime aids the digestion process. Few drops of lemon juice in water is a perfect remedy for someone suffering from bilious vomiting, indigestion or burning. Lemon juice flushes the toxins out of the body and clears the bowel tract.

10 Anti cancer Properties
Citrus fruits contain a compound called limonoids that helps fighting cancer of stomach, lung, breast, skin and colon. Lemons and limes do contain limonoids.

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