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Natural Constipation Remedies

imageConstipation is a common problem that many of us suffer with from time to time. Whether in childhood , adulthood or old age.Constipation occurs when the muscle contractions in the intestines are too slow to push the stool out of your body, or when there isn’t enough water in your stool to soften it and move it through your intestines.

At times painkillers, refined foods, low fibre food, excess of sugar, dairy products, caffeine, alcohol leads to constipation There are a number of things you can do to relieve your constipation, from adjusting your diet to trying a few over-the-counter medications.

Here are few tips to relieve constipation.

1 Stay hydrated
Drink a lot of water. Water will ease out your intestines and help them clear out. Main reason for constipation is insufficient hydration. Drink minimum of 33-66 ounces (1.5-2 liters) per day, or more depending on your size, the weather, stress levels or amount of exercise.
2 Eat a lot of prunes. Prune( Alubukhara) juice will also help ease the digestive system and intestines. Prunes are especially high in fiber and contain sorbitol, a stool-loosening sugar that naturally helps relieve constipation. Sorbitol is a mild colonic stimulant that helps reduce transit time of stool and thus decrease the risk of constipation.

3 Eat lots of fiber in your diet. Fiber helps the digestive system run, and is the known best constipation-stopper. Most of the population consumes less than 15 gms of fibre a day where as the minimum fibre intakes should be 30 grams, this is why most of the people stay constipated and overweight.
Unfortunately, these foods, such as many fruits and vegetables, often get overlooked in a person’s daily diet. Don’t think of veggies or fruits as optional side dishes, but as crucial parts of every balanced meal. Not only will these foods relieve constipation, but they will also promote digestive health by improving your diet. You should aim for at least 24-38 grams of fiber a day. Eat more of these high fibre food-
Avocado, split peas, broccoli, kale, green peas, and lentils
Bran cereal, oatmeal, brown rice, and flax seeds
Black beans, kidney beans, lima beans, navy beans, pinto beans, and soybeans
Raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, wood apple ( bael fruit) and oranges
Cabbage and cauliflower
Almonds, dried figs, and olives
Papaya and peaches

4 Eat lot of cabbage- Cabbage is particularly good because it’s not only high in fiber, but it has enzymes which encourage the entire digestive tract to “flush.” This is also a good liver cleanse for a build-up of liver toxins.

5 Try the banana cure for mild constipation. Eat a very ripe banana with a glass of warm milk.

6 Try yoga or do mild exercise
Some of the yoga poses relieve constipation try to practice them. One of the main reasons for constipation is lack of physical activity.
Mild exercises like walking, body bending, hip movements, and the like should form part of your exercise routine. This will not only help in solving constipation but also improve your health in general.
7 Try Coffee
Coffee contains Caffeine which is a natural stimulant for the digestive system, so indulging in a cup of coffee may help you to relieve this problem.1-2 cups is fine, but make sure you don’t overdo it-too much can actually have the opposite effect. Coffee is a diuretic and makes you urinate more frequently, and if you drink it an excess, it can cause constipation by dehydrating your body and drawing out water that would normally soften your stool.

8 Freshen up from the inside out

Ah the scent of a fresh lemon…did you ever think your stomach might appreciate it as much as your nose? The citric acid in lemon juice acts as a stimulant for your digestive system, and can also help flush out toxins and undigested material that may have built up along the walls of the colon. Mixing the juice with water not only lessens the intensity of the lemon flavor, but helps get you the fluids you need to get everything moving normally again.

You will need…
-1 fresh lemon
-1 cup of warm water

Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon into 1 cup of warm water. Drink or sip until finished completely.

9. Establish a routine

Potty schedules aren’t just for puppies, they’re a great way to relieve and prevent constipation in humans too. It’s important to attend natures call on time dispute being too busy. If you ignore your body when it’s telling you to have a movement, then it will result into constipation.You may be ready to have a movement later, but your body won’t be. Moreover if you keep on missing the mild calls the body gives you to pass stool then slowly the body stops giving the signs which is a big reason for constipation.
Above all remember to avoid foods that cause constipation like over consumption of fats, refined sugar, unripe bananas,dairy and foods like candies, cookies,cheese, chips,white bread, white rice, ice cream, yogurts, red meat, caffeine, alcohol and hard boiled eggs. You need to temporarily withdraw these foods from your diet till you’re having trouble evacuating your bowels.

These our some suggestion to deal with the constipation problem.


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