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Natural Remedies for Chest Congestion

Home Remedies for Chest Congestion
chest congestion

Chest congestion is one of the common problem which people of all age group face. Doctors advice should be taken immediately but we suggest some home remedies along with the medicine as it helps for better and faster relief from cough and chest Congestion. These remedies mentioned below are very simple and effective too and all the ingredients are easily available in the kitchen. And more over we all know that Home remedies are always the best as they are not complex and expensive.

1. Salt Water Gargle

One of the principally used home remedies for chest congestion is salt water gargle. Gargling with saline water clears the chest  by  removing mucous secretion from respiratory tube.  This is the simplest remedy . just take a glass of hot water, add a tablepoon of salt. Stir it well and. Take a swig of warm water and gargle for 1-2 minutes. Repeat the method  for better soothing impact .

2 Citrus fruits- Fruits like oranges, lemon gave better results in relieving congestion. Lemon drops work especially well for “wet” coughs. Lemons and oranges are rich in vitamin C which is essential in curing common cold.

 3. Home made syrup- Boil lemon for 5-7 mins. Take out its juice. Mix it with Glycerin (2 spoons) after few minutes add 1 spoon honey. Take it for alt least 3 times a day for at least two days.

4.  Lemon, Pepper and honey Remedy-  Blend lemon juice with a little honey, then add a pinch of  pepper and swallow. The honey coats your throat, soothing irritated tissues, while the lemon reduces inflammation and delivers a dose of infection-fighting vitamin C. Pepper increases circulation to the area, which hastens the healing process.

 5. STEAM – Taking Steam is one among the time tested and commonest technique used for chest congestion. Steam helps to loosen the sinus and chest congestion and additionally moistens and soothes the airways. To improve its effectiveness you can add few drops of  oils derived from eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender in the water as they can help to clear air passages and lungs of mucus. Inhaling steam vapors will certainly help loosen congestion.

 6. GARLIC-  If you increase garlic intake during chest congestion it can also help to a great deal. So eat food with lots of garlic to have some relief from chest congestion.

 7. Ginger honey remedy

Ginger is very soothing for throat as well as a natural remedy for chest congestion relief. Remedy- Grate 1 inch of ginger , squeeze it to take the juice out of it. Mix it with 1 spoon of  honey. Consume it 3-4 times a day. Or

Add one small piece of ginger in hot water. Add two or three black pepper in the water and strain it in a glass. Stir it well adding one tablespoon of honey to it. Drink it twice or thrice a day to relieve congestion as well as cough from chest.

You can also consume raw ginger.

 8. Hot Green Tea with Lemon and Honey

One of the simplest home remedies for chest congestion is hot tea with lemon and honey. To get relief in sore throat, prepare tea and add a little honey and lemon juice in it. Drink it to get a calming relief in the throat and chest.

9.  Black Coffee

Black coffee is also an effective remedy against chest congestion. Caffeine can help to expand the airways, making it easier for those suffering from congestion to breathe. Caffeine clears mucus.Coffee with little milk or cream or without are suggested because milk products are believed to increase mucus production and may worsen chest congestion.

 10. Herbal Tea

It is one of the best and powerful way of relieving chest congestion. Herbal Tea prepared from various herbs, like chamomile, ginger or Dry ginger, Black Pepper, Tulsi(Basil Leaves) etc. is very effective. It has Anti-inflammatory properties which deals with the bacteria that cause congestion.

11.  Water

And most important is to have plenty of warm water as it helps to thin the mucus and loosen coughs to a great deal.

Most of these remedies are useful for children and can be given along with the medicine for better and fast relief.

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