Jun 13

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Obesity in children

This article is on childhood obesity

Child and obesity

It’s not only adults who faces weight related problem at times children also become obese and now a days number of obese children are growing at an alarming rate. There are many reasons to it but the biggest reason is the modern lifestyle where junk food has been made easily accessible  and where outdoor activities, games have been replaced by video games, waiting tv shows, cartoons, movies.

Childhood obesity can be cured with right support, encouragement and positive role modeling.
Childhood obesity does not always lead to obesity in adulthood, but it raise the risk dramatically.

The simple rule to prevent this is
Calorie in = calorie out

Remember children need food as they have to grow. They have to grow physically as well as mentally .
Now it’s the duty of parents, teachers, guardians to make them understand what is good for them and why. They have to teach them the nutrition basics.

Here are few steps on  how to deal with the weight related problems
1) Make your child understand to recognize thirst and hunger. Most of the time children tend to eat when they are thirsty. So tell them whenever they want to eat something just have a plain glass of water.
2) Encourage your child for some physical activity.Running, Swimming, cycling, playing basket ball, volley ball, tennis, cricket etc.
3) Discourage second portion of food at home and downsize portion of food in restaurants. Choose regular size beverages instead of large sized.
4) Switch to water, diet sodas or skim milk.
5) Avoid between meal snacking.
6) Substitute salads for French fries.
7) Avoid high sugar recipes, high fat snacks at home ( cookies, cakes, candy, chocolates, chips, etc.)
8) Encourage fruits and vegetables as snacks.
9) Use high fibre cereals with fruits for breakfast .
10) Limit refined carbohydrates ( white bread, maida, white sugar)
11) Eat together as a family as often as possible.
12) Never demand that a child “clean his/ her plate”. Let the child’s own appetite decide how much to eat.
13) Never use food as reward or punishment.
14) Avoid eating in front of TV as this can lead to overeating.
15) Encourage use of stairs, instead of elevators.
16) Limit the time for playing video games, watching tv, or online computer games.
17) Encourage daily exercise. Take your kids for walk instead of sitting in front of the TV.

Remember: most of the obese children whose diet primarily consist of junk food can develop vitamin and mineral deficiencies. So try to improve the nutritional intake of food so that children can develop better.

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