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Overlook stress with food and habits

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Globalisation, Travel, Overtime in official procedure , Credit card payments, Loans, Traffic jams, Increasing monthly expenses and plenty of other similar  words have become part of our life. These words look little but the impact they leave on our bodies is massive STRESS. Yes stress is the most precarious condition in today’s human beings life. I know it’s difficult to avoid all these stress from our day to day living but however we have to learn to avoid stress and  to avoid its harmful impact on our bodies. In this article we’ll try and realize some ways that to avoid stress through food.
One should  eat well, exercise daily for atlest 30 minutes and meditate each day for few minutes to keep the harmful effects of stress. Let’s scan what to eat and to avoid to reduce the harmful effects of stress.

Correct eating habits to avoid stress:

  1. Embrace foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, foliate and vitamin B.
  2. Have breakfast that is high in fibre and protein and is low in sugar, this helps to gradually raise insulin levels.
  3. Fruits are good in antioxidants therefore have atleast 3 servings of fruits daily.
  4. Vitamin C rich foods like oranges.
  5. Drink black tea, and especially green tea which has theanine that has shown to cut back mental and physical stress.
  6.  Herbs like saffron, Ashwagandha, Ginseng, although herbs and natural supplements claim to reduce stress. One should always check with a doctor or expert before starting.

Inappropriate eating habits to avoid stress:

  1. Alcohol, as it disturbs sleep and increase stress levels.
  2. Caffeine.
  3. Fast foods, as they’re high in sugar, sodium and oil.

What to practice:

  1. Exercise daily for 30 minutes, physical  activity release endorphins that  fight cortisol (Stress hormones)
  2. Yoga, deep breathing techniques are great for stress management.
  3. Meditation, practice some time with yourself daily.
  4. Massage, as it helps loosen up stiffness in body and offers relaxation.
  5. Hear light music of your choice as music is a great way to hit stress.
  6. Stay close to family, cheerful people and people who have positive outlook towards life.

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