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Problems of elderly Indians


Youngster keep on saying that there parents don’t know anything of today’s world and elders keep on cursing todays advancement in technology, fashion, values which are setting them back in the relations and increasing generation gap.indians

This gap can be reduced with little efforts on both the sides.
The way to do this is to recognize the problem and take measures to resolve it and step ahead.

The main problem of aged Indians are-
1) Relationship- they are too much involved in relationship. Though Relations are god’s blessing. They are lucky people who have relatives but the problem lies where you are too much tied up. If you are putting too much of time and efforts in entertaining far flung relatives then somewhere you might be ignoring your life’s priorities. Remember to be socially wise .

2) Self management- People should always have some personal time and some family time. If you keep on thinking about your son, brother, sister, wife, in laws, parents then you are refraining yourself from your personal need.
Remember- you need time for yourself you must have personal time in which you can do things of your choice.

3) Rigid to change- the biggest problem of Indians is the rigidity to change. whenever they are in late 50′s or 60′s they start thinking that now it’s too late to change. This attitude makes them unfit to stay in modern constantly changing society it also hampers their growth. Infact this is one main reason which widens the generation gap.
Remember : be open to learn new things till the last minute of life.

4) Feeling of loneliness- dont create this feeling. Always be positive and create a positive atmosphere around you so that people like to be with you. Criticism , worry, fear, backbiting is not right they create negativity, so stay away from such things.
Keep the lists of friends for advice and consultations and remain in contact with them so that loneliness is broken and you feel well.

5) Health- fitness should be your goal. Because if you are fit and healthy you will never have to depend on anyone. Be physically active. Make a routine for exercise, yoga, gym, meditation.
Remember : health is wealth.

6) Too much believe in savings- it’s good to save money buy if you have surplus for future and still have the habit of saving for future and not fulfilling your present desires then its not a good thing. Very few people are lucky to be financially sound and if you are one of those then dont kill your desires, hobbies in order to save more for children. Life is a journey walk leisurely enjoying every minute of it.

7) Go by others sayings- have a proper knowledge on health, nutrition, politics, markets, methods. Don’t try to follow what others say. See who is the speaker. How accurate is he. Don’t just do what others say until and unless you are sure of.
In India people take not even a second to advise others so be a wise listener and do only the wise things or cross check their sayings with intellectuals or use technology (google, Yahoo, Wikipédia, etc) before following it.

8) Peeping in the past- If you keep on saying that ” I spent my life for my son and now when I am old he is busy with his wife and children, he does not spare time for me. ” Or “we never use to speak to our parents like this… see how our children do with us.”
All such sayings or thinkings will make you negative, depressed, lonely. The outsome of such things are anger, depression, fights, differences.
You did everything for your children out of love and love is always unconditional , do don’t demand anything against it. Just create your value. Value for life.
remember : A can never be B and B can never be alike C. If you want to compare then compare where A was 10 years back and what improvements he has now.
With time things, situation, people keep on changing, being elders you should advise your children. Share your feelings, your problems with your children. If you are good to your children they will definitely respect you and care for you. Be there as their support system.

9) Lack enthusiasm and desires- These two things are what which change mediocrity to excellence.
Do what you want to do. Don’t look this society as a barrier. If you want to be dressed up in western outfit in your 60′s then what harm is in doing that . Those free minds will keep on gossiping but it is you who has to decide how to live. Life is a chance to live But many of us just just exist. This society is with people like us. Just set a trend people will follow it.

Remember : old is gold. The only thing is you need to polish yourself to keep shinning.

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