Jul 22

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Should children be given tablets, iPads nexus?

ipadToday we are pretty happy with the technology and we want to introduce this to our babies at the earliest. We are so excited to make our child learn with the technology that without considering the harms the screens can bring we hand over the devices like nexus, ipads, mobile phones to our children.

Today iPad, nexus, computers, laptops have become so popular that parents have started using them as baby sitters. They feel that the child is learning something but they ignore the fact that it is harming the child’s development too.

Changing pictures, level of voice forces everyone to pay attention to the screen. Now children can be affected with screen let’s see how.

Eye disorders- natural sunlight is the best for kids. Babies and children both require extended sunlight for their eyes to develop normally and staring at screen precludes that.

Sleep disorders
Playing games and reading books on iPad screens interferes with sleep. Any kind of screens should be avoided for kids. iPads, nexus, computer screens, mobiles  have backlight which interferes with the sleep system by telling the child to wake up and not settle down.

Less distant focus
Screens let babies focus on small areas not on big picture.  They don’t require babies to construct a 3 dimensional world. They have bright saturated colors. They rarely have shadows. Most importantly, they don’t require the baby’s eyes to focus on things that are at different distances.

Effects on relationships
Children who spend more time with screens have relationship issues in future. They become more stubborn. They avoid relatives on phone and in personal as they are more  keen to spend time in front of screens. This also hinders their emotional development.

So what to do, undoubtedly these things educate children and entertain them too?
Here is what you can do-
Rule 1- No screens for babies less than 2 years.

Rule -2 Limit time with handheld computer games: Restrict use of game systems like the Nintendo DS and Apple iPads. The children should spend no longer than half an hour each time they play. If they want to play for longer, they need to take a break for at least 10 minutes.

Rule 3- Fix time as family time, personal time and study time for children at home and let them use devices in personal time only.

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