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Jul 18

8 Fat Loss food

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Weight loss may be a result of loss of fat, muscle atrophy, fluid loss or a combination of these. Food can help you in losing fats. Here is a list of foods which can lead to fat loss- 1. Protein Protein have the tendency to make you feel less hungry, since it short circuits the appetite …

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Jun 21

Easy tips to lose weight

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If you really want to shed some extra kilos then you must read following weight loss tips Great and easy weight loss tips and techniques 1 Eat slowly. Chew your food properly. This will help you to burn more calorie and digest food easily. 2 Leave the table as soon as you are finished eating and …

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Mar 11

Easy tip for weight loss

Easy tips for weight loss -Start the day with the glass of water. -Don’t miss ur morning walk or yoga or any kind of fitness activity. – Try to make permanent changes in your eating habit. -Plan your meals ahead of time. Shop and stock your kitchen as per the plan so that whenever you …

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