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Apr 05

Is worry a habit or a necessity?

Today we keep on worrying about everything, about the bills, food, children, disease, money , friends, relations, situations and things which are going to happen years after. What is worry? Worry is a fear which creates negativity in you. In worrying you disconnect yourself from the present and starts making illusions. It is a way …

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Jun 10

Health after 50 years of age


Health after 50 With age you have to be more careful with your diet as with age body’s mechanism keeps on changing. With age body becomes prone to muscle weakness, less immunity, disease, illness, low metabolism.Our metabolism slows down  senses become weak, body is not able to digest food properly, menopause can be quite disturbing. …

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May 30

5 steps to healthy lifestyle

fruits2 - Copy

It’s the time to take charge of your body, health and life !!! Now  here are the steps to climb the stairs if healthy and long life. Step 1: Give your body the energy it needs. Don’t starve just eat healthy. Eat food rich in protein, complex carbs (including salads and fruits)good fats, vitamins, minerals, …

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