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Oct 23

9 Points to follow for assured weight loss

1) Drink plenty of water- Insufficient water intake is one reason for weight gain. Many times people recognize thirst as hunger and unnecessarily increase their calories. Remember : water is a natural appetite suppressant. Water keeps the body hydrated , flushes the toxins out from the body. It keeps you full for a longer time and …

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Oct 14

How to avoid weight gain- Tips for everyone

Obesity refers to a medical condition where the body has an excess body fat. In this state there is an abnormal accumulation of fat in the adipose tissues which store fat. Under normal circumstances, an increase of 20% or more above the desired body weight indicates obesity and is considered a health risk. What causes …

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Jun 21

Easy tips to lose weight

weight check

If you really want to shed some extra kilos then you must read following weight loss tips Great and easy weight loss tips and techniques 1 Eat slowly. Chew your food properly. This will help you to burn more calorie and digest food easily. 2 Leave the table as soon as you are finished eating and …

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Mar 11

Easy tip for weight loss

Easy tips for weight loss -Start the day with the glass of water. -Don’t miss ur morning walk or yoga or any kind of fitness activity. – Try to make permanent changes in your eating habit. -Plan your meals ahead of time. Shop and stock your kitchen as per the plan so that whenever you …

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