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Tips to teach nutrition to kids

Teach nutrition to kids

Super healthy kids are the future of every nation and dream of every parent. Today making children eat only nutritious food seems little impossible but with little extra effort these picky eaters can be transformed to healthy eaters to a great extent.

Tips to teach nutrition to children

nutrition in children is very important and should be given importance

1)Be a role model
If you think your child will eat fruits and vegetable while you gorge on chips and sodas then you are absolutely wrong. Children eat what their parents eat. Children learn from parents and if parents are more inclined to taste then the children will never learn nutrition . They will also chose things as per their taste. So start eating healthy to make children eat healthy.

2) Begin early- try to inculcate the habit of eating right food in childhood so that it goes a long way. Moreover once the child is inclined to only tasty food than he will never think on nutrition he will force you to make him eat only the food which he likes. So try to make your child understand the importance of nutrition as early as possible.

3) No unhealthy rewarding- chocolates, chips, cake and such unhealthy things should never be taken as reward. This way the importance of such things will go high. Food should not to be taken as reward.

4) Teach them label reading- such things are important for everyone . Make your child read the label before eating. Ask him to check the calorie per serving and tell him his daily calorie requirement so that he can decide how much to eat. Tell him about fats, sugar content, sodium levels so that he can avoid foods high salty, sugary and fatty stuff. Guide your child about trans fats, hydrogenated oils, artificial colors. Make your child aware of the food he eats.

5) Importance of food- tell your child why to chose this not that. For eg if your child wants French fries and you want him to eat papaya then tell him why papaya is better option. Tell him that papaya can give him good glowing skin and can clean his digestive system while the French fries can make him fat and can cause pimples on his skin.
This is one eg but you can keep on telling the right and wrong of every food so that he can understand what is better.

6) Big no foods- TV commercials will influence and encourage your child to eat junk food but make a small list of foods which are totally no for your child. Like food containing caffeine( soda, colas, tea, coffee) and processed foods. Such kind of foods trigger anxiety in child and are not good for child development .

7) Smart cooking- now be a smart cook , cook food of your choice and present them in the way your child loves to eat. Make appealing food. Keep on experimenting. Involve your children in cooking and tell them about the benefits of the ingredients you are using. Limit the outside food by making yummy healthy food at home.

8) Make it a rule- American heart association recommends maximum 12gms (3 teaspoon) of sugar in a day for every child.
There should be a set rule of proper servings of food: daily a child should consume some fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy products, proteins, healthy fats.

9) Let them cheat once a day- children will always be children . Don’t push them to understand everything. They cannot totally stick to nutritional eating chart. Let them cheat once a day but let them do this in front of you so that you can tell them the quantity which they are permitted to eat.

So now raise fit kids by teaching nutrition in early stage of life.

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