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Top 6 Exercise to lose weight

It’s not only the gym where you can lose weight but there are other activities too with which you can shed kilos and that too happily.


1 Step Aerobics

Calorie burnt : 800 cal/ hr

Aerobics is great for those who want to lose weight from their legs, hips and bums. This is the reason women love to do aerobics. Daily 45 minutes aerobics can give you good results. Today Aerobics DVD are easily available in market you can buy them and try them at home. It’s a fun way to lose weight.


2)Swimming -A route to fitness

to achieve overall good health swimming is surely the best workout activity.It not only beat the summer blues but also provide better heart health, longevity, flexibility, perfect shape. Swimming is great for mental and social health. It also work as rehab therapy.It’s a great stress buster. If you target a fitter,leaner body you need to optimism you workout by adding intensity and increasing duration.

Keeping in view the benefits you should give a try at least .It’s never too late to learn something new .Swimming is a life saving skill and one can never regret learning it. If few years back you were a swimmer and now you have the fear of forgetting it , relax, you can’t forget how to swim , thanks to what scientist call muscle memory. When in a situation your body’s been in before, your muscles automatically knows what to do. If you are nervous take a refresher course or enter the pool and stay on the shallow end for the first two days until you get back your confidence and stamina.

So learn swimming if you want to stay fit,just you need is to overcome the fear of getting into the pool.


3) Walking- burns 360 calories / hour

Walking is the easiest way to stay fit. It’s a good physical activity to maintain healthy weight. It strengthens the bones and improves mind and body coordination.

Brisk walk is recommended to those who want to shed weight with minimal effort. It is a great cardio exercise which tones legs, stomach and hips.

Walking is best for diabetic, heart and high blood pressure patients.


4) Dancing burns 600-800 calories / hour

Dancing is a great enjoyable way to lose weight. Dancing can even help you to lose fat from your arms.

In addition to burning calories it acts as a great stress buster.

So next time when you are in your home feeling bored , play some peppy number to dance and lose your fat while having fun and dancing in front of mirror will make you more happy and engrossed.


5) Yoga- most relaxing exercise to lose weight – burn 180 calories/ hour.

Yoga is not only good for your body but is good for your soul too. Yoga tones the body and increases the flexibility of the body. Today power yoga is becoming famous because of its advanced moves and its quick results. Yoga gives relaxation to mind. Relieves stress and increase patients.


6) Bicycling – burns 500- 1000 calories/hour

Bicycling is a real calorie burner. Riding outside is more fun than doing workout on a steady cycle.

Bicycling tones lower body. It is effective for hips, tummy, thighs calf.

Bicycling is good for heart, muscles, weight loss, immunity, mental health, coordination.


Try these exercise , your weight loss goal will become easy to achieve. Chose activity as per your convenience and liking.


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