Jan 10

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Wellness Resolution 2014

My this years resolution will definitely work because this resolution is made my me and will be followed by me not as a resolution but as a promise to those who love me and want to see me healthy forever.

My wellness resolution for 2014


Less stress-

I know I can’t completely eliminate stress but this year I’ll definitely cut down on stress. Because with stress I will reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, insomnia, depression. For reducing stress I’ll take time to relax, sleep, socialize and go vacation .


Stay active- this year I’ll live in today and will finish my job on time so that I don’t have unnecessary stress. Laziness will be far from me. I will set my self in motion.


Reduce food temptation

I will eat only those things which are healthy not those which I like and I find tasty. This year I’ll develop taste for healthy things.


Respect body and food.

I’ll stop my habit of wasting food. I will take take small quantity of food and will take again only if I am really hungry. For satisfying my taste buds I will not stuff my plate.

I’ll eat to live not live to eat. I will nourish my body with right nutrients not only with the stuff my tongue loves.


Reduce outside food

I will cut down on outside food. Will definitely reduce my frequency of dining out, eating at restaurants and parties.

I know home food is the best, nutritious and hygienic.


Healthy snacks -

I will not take care if only my big meals but also be careful in choosing healthy snacks. Instead of oily, greasy junk food I will go for low calorie nutritious snacks.


2 liters of water

Yes, I guarantee my self to drink atleast 2 liters of water daily.


Less sugar, sodium(salt) and oil

For proper weight, Blood pressure and heart I will decrease my intake of these three things. Tea without sugar, salad without sodium, and no fried food, ghee, butter


Avoid mindless eating-

Oh yes now I have realized that eating without realizing is dangerous and moreover I have to respect my body so I cannot keep on putting things in my tummy without realizing the quantity and the nutrition stuff of the food.

So no eating in front of TV, laptops and while sitting with friends.


Proper storing-

-I will not give up on healthy eating just because I am out of time or I am too hungry to cook or buy something. I will always keep healthy things handy. I will stuff my kitchen with healthy stuff like fruits, dry fruits, trail mix, eggs, etc. I will keep such stuff when I am at work or out on a long drive. I will not let my self to starve because it may lead to over eating and wrong eating.


I promise to keep my promise of being healthy, fit and fine. I will make sure I and all my family members follow these guidelines and be active and healthy for rest of their lives.


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