Apr 02

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What we really need to live?

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” ~Robin Sharma

The force of life is the drive for fulfilment; we all have a need to experience a life of meaning. The most required things for life is good health and definitely handsome amount of wealth. If you have both the things your life will be smooth for sure but still there will be shallowness.

To have a contended life we need few more things.

Love- it is one feeling which makes living possible in an easy way.This feeling is felt by every living being on this earth whether it is human beings, Plants or  animals everyone is acquainted with this strange emotion. The majesty of the feeling is such that it allows humans to treat each other with kindness and compassion. In fact one can say that there are a number of emotions bred by love. Your relationships binds you but love in such a feeling which makes the life go smooth and enjoyable and worth living. You need to understand one thing that before loving others you need to love yourself. “You will be loved and respected only if you love and respect yourself.” Paulo Coelho.

Assurance- we live with faith and cannot keep on worrying whole days for every little thing if it is so the life can become miserable and we can become insane. So we need assurance. For assurance we need faith. Faith in God and faith in every relationship is must. We pass everyday with the faith that tomorrow the sun will rise again which rises and sets with Gods will still we are assured that God will do his duty.

Variety- Variety makes us feel alive and engaged. The variety comes with our activeness and give us pleasure. No one like a dull life. Variety comes with choices we make, By engaging ourselves in different activities, Travelling, etc. Changes and new experiences make life delightful.

Significance and contribution- Everyone needs to hold some importance to survive. No one just needs to only exist. Old people who are really old and unable to do anything feels that they are living only in the wait of death, so it is important to create a meaning ful life at present . Learn to live with less. Living with less frees up your life to invest into others. Professional success is important but if you have invested in relationships, people then at the time of need they will hold you and will make you happy. Find one person who needs you today. Start there. Significance may be as inexpensive as one cup of coffee or as simple as one heartfelt question. Try to leave a good impact in others life and mind.

Positivity- A man with negative thoughts can never progress in life. It is important to have a positive outlook towards life. To have positivity around we must leave the negative thoughts and negative people immediately as they can hinder our growth in every aspect.

These are few life requirements according to me, but my readers are allways welcome to express what they think and want to share. Please join me in making everyones life worth living.(You can write in comment box.

“Never pass up the chance to say ‘I love you’ because tomorrow is never promised.” So live life to the fullest. Whatever is, is in Today, tomorrow is uncertain. So to live a life worth living start loving yourself and be a man of wise character .

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