Jan 21

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What’s Wrong With Hypocrisy?

“A hypocrite is more dangerous than a dishonest man”

Every person at some point in life like in a particular situation or in front of a particular group of person hides his real personality and behaves in a very different way.


Why at times we are hypocrites?

We don’t believe in ourselves. We hate our own personality and are lured with others personality and want to show like as we are like them only.
Second main reason can be that we want to impress others and behave in a way the other person expect us to behave. What a pity? Isn’t it.

Story of a girl whose life became miserable when she became hypocrite -
A very lively, fun loving, talkative girl who needs no permission to go anywhere or do anything got married in a very conservative family where she was expected to be calm, silent, homely kind of a girl.
She started to behave in that way. She used to be quiet all the time and behaved just opposite to her personality so that she can please her in laws. She continue behaving in that way for a year. After a year she became like that only and after some time she became a negative person, with no confidence, completely stressed up, unhappy. Now she can not shout as she herself chose to be a hypocrite in order to gain respect and love for her. Many a times her in laws got a hint that she was unreal as her heart and behavior was not aligned so they never had full trust in her. She forget one thing that if someone loves you then he should accept you the way you are and for real love you should be real to.
So the moral of the story is that stick to your actual personality as fake people are always losers.

Most of us don’t even realize that they are fake. Some people are fake on purpose and some are so used to of not being themselves that with time they forget their actual personality.

Problems in being fake-


The biggest problem in being fake is that no one trust you. The inconsistency of the thoughts, actions of the fake person make others lose trust in him. Such people have unpredictable behavior.
Less confidence- fake people are always worried about their impression. They are always finding ways to impress others. To pretend someone is not easy, it keeps you busy and takes away your mental peace.

Stress- when you are fake you have to do many things or say many things which you don’t believe in or which you don’t like.

Less Energetic- hypocrites have no energy to keep doing a good job for a long period of time. Fake people will soon run out of fuel. As negative thoughts and no positive motivation will ruin them. They can not do anything which is constructive and fruitful.

Makes Unhappy- yes fake people have no reason to be happy. If they are happy it is for a very short time. Real happiness come from a peaceful heart which hypocrites never have.

So don’t be a hypocrite. Life a life of Dignity- Dont fool yourself to fool others.

Living a life with your true personality will make you a better person and people will admire you and you can also have a reason to boost your credibility and trustworthiness. So start being yourself and completely change yourself with the traits you think are wrong or dislike by your loved ones .


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