Aug 28

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Why to shop online?

“A penny earned is a penny saved” 

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Today online shopping has become a trend  and is gaining popularity . Online stores have become a great success  and are giving threat to traditional retail stores.
Online shopping  is of great value and convenience. There are many reason for preferring online shopping, here are few

1) Convenience: 
The biggest reason behind the success of online stores is the convenience they serve.
You can shop anytime. The stores are opened 24×7.
Secondly you don’t have to travel to buy so it  helps you to save on time, traffic and pollution.
Thirdly you can access multiple stores with few clicks only,  compare the prices and products on different stores and get to know the specifications, reviews feedback. All this makes online shopping a better choice.

2) Access to Wider range of Products:
Online stores offer great variety. They offer several brands, products , services from different sellers at one place.
A product which is a specialty of another state can be easily ordered from the shop online.
They offer international products too and provides informations on new trends and products.

3) Low prices: 
Price is the main feature which drags online sales. Online stores make constant efforts to  offer unbeatable prices, bargains and cheap deals. The prices on online stores are low because products come directly either from the manufacturer or seller without middlemen involved. Many online shops offer discount coupons and rebates .
Apart from this, the Online Store is only required to collect sales tax if they have a physical location in our state even if we buy from a store across the world.

4) Send Gifts:

Online Shopping makes sending gifts to relatives and friends easy, no matter where ever they stay. Now sending gifts to your loved ones is just a click away.

This is certainly rewarding and less expensive way of sending gifts than any other mode.
So now you can easily send gift on occasions like Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Marriage, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc.
5) Best buys for used products: 
Used products can be bought on websites too. This is convenience for both buyer and seller.
Many people post their products for resale in sites which specialize in such products and the transaction is through these websites. This id best for collecting antique products.

So, what do you think? Have I not given enough reasons on why online shopping is the best?

why online shopping is better, why online shopping is popular, why online shopping is convenient, why online shopping is safe, why online shopping is good

Here are the best indian sites  to shop. 




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