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karmas law of karmas rule of life




All about Karmas

posted by kreti on 25/Mar/2019


Everyone died empty-handed, no one died with any of his favorite or unfavourite thing which he could hold in his hand and take to heaven. when you go you leave everything on this planet except your karmas.
And what you leave behind is all your belongings and memories.
People remember you... cry for you but are helpless to bring you back to life.

Have you ever wondered why you are on this planet with those set of people whom you call your family or friends?

The answer is karmas.

Karma is the currency of your life with the currency of Karmic actions you purchase and create all your life experiences whether good, bad, pleasant or unpleasant. We can ask God for the forgiveness but we can never get escape from our karmas.

As the law of Newton says every action has a reaction similarly whatever we do has an effect.
There are countless particles floating in the whole universe. The Mind, speech and the body together acts or reacts on somebody and an aura, the circle of energy is formed around us. Polluted intentions will bring bad karmas and the spiritual practices like meditation, fasting and mantra chanting will create good karmas.

Some karmas just touch us give us little pain or a blessing and the effect is over some stick to us for a while and shows their effect and some stick badly and for a long time they have an effect on us. The effect can be positive for the good karmas and negative for the bad Karma the effect can be in form of pleasure or pain or a miracle or a misery But there are never sparing karmas which are the result of our worst intentions or for great blissful work. The effect of these kinds of karmas can never be removed. Their negative impacts can be reduced to some extent by practicing spirituality.

Two sisters in the same family with the same upbringing face a different set of challenges in life. One might have more happiness and respect and others may have more money and fame... the reason behind the difference of destiny is karmas.

Karma is the law of cause and effect. It is an unbreakable law of the Cosmo. A human has a free will to create ideas and perform actions and then these actions determine his fate. It is not only the action, in fact, it is the idea or the way you think determines your energies.

There are 12 laws of Karma. Let's check -

1. The great law - As you sow so shall you reap. The whole theory of karmas is based on this law. We are given the choice for our actions. The way we think, the way we act defines the kind of life we have. If we need peace, love, prosperity, and happiness in our life then we need to act accordingly.
The energy which we spread in the universe has to come back in some form it may come to us immediately or it may take time but it will definitely come to you.

2. The law of creation - We Are One with the universe our intentions determine the evolution of creation. Life requires our participation to happen. We have been given a surrounding according to the records of our past karmas now it is our responsibility to make sure that these surroundings are conducive to our desires.
We should always remember that we are the creators until and unless we will not do the right or the good deeds, we will not be able to change the negativity around us.

3. Law of humility - We need to accept what we have been provided with. To make a positive change we need to accept what we have and from there we have to begin. If all the time we will focus on cursing the present or past situations then we will lose the focus on the change which we have to make. We have to take our life to the next level. We have to achieve a higher level of existence.

4. Law of growth - Whatever circumstances are, whatever situations are we need to stand above all. We need to grow. The action is a must. Because we can't change our karmas if we are not performing our responsibilities.
We are here to achieve something we are here to change something we are here to take action. We can't sit idle. If you think Karma is a punishment then remember that Karma is the only way to relieve from all the curses.

5. The law of responsibility - blaming others for our sorrows is not correct. The turbulence in life is the result of bad Karmas and the happiness of life is the result of good Karmas. We have to take responsibility for whatever is in our own life. We mirror what's around us and what surrounds us mirror us; this is a universal truth.

6. The law of connection - Karma follows its doer wherever it goes. It follows in all lives in all births. Whatever action we take we have to take responsibility for it.
Whatever we do today will have an impact. The effect can be seen lately or immediately but for every action, there will be an effect, if not in this lifetime then in future lives. Present, Past, and Future all are connected.

7. The law of focus - This law suggests that we should focus on one thing and not indulge in multitasking this is important because a divided mind is more susceptible to negative thoughts. We must direct full attention to achieving any desired task. In context to our spiritual growth, this law states that we should focus on the growth of spirituality and we should not give space or a second lower thought like anger or greed which drives us away from spirituality.

8. The law of giving and Hospitality-  this law says practice what you claim to be the truth. In other words, our behavior should match with our thoughts and actions.

9 The law of change - History continues to repeat until and unless we change the path if we are not happy with our present state of surrounding then we need to change. We need to take charge of ourselves and try to change what actually can change our life or lives.

10 The law of Here and Now - We need to learn that we live in the present moment past is gone future is yet to come what we have is only the present. Old thoughts and patterns of behavior should be changed. We need to live in the present because that is the only way by which we can focus on the good things and change our Karmic account.

11 The law of patience and reward - The circumstances of life need patience to be dealt with. The joy doesn't last for a longer time and the pain doesn't survive for a long time the only thing we need to learn is to have patience because our earlier karmas have to give their effect. we have to bear with it.
The time and place of everything is decided by the karmas and will always be hidden from us. Patience is the key to conquer the present miseries. While keeping the patients we should remember that there is a law of change if we want the change then here and now it is the time when we can chant, meditate do the good deeds and change our Karmic account.

12. The law of significance and inspiration - The end result is of little value if it leaves little or nothing behind. The energy and intentions are the vital components that determine the significance of the end result.

You are in a situation because of your karmas and through right karmas, you can conquer the effect of your bad karmas. So act positively. 





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