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Ameeta Chaudhary- Mrs. India Congeniality

posted by Anupreet Kaur on 19/May/2019

Congratulations Ameeta… We are proud of you. Once again, Ameeta Raj Chaudhary has shown that women can achieve heights if introduced to right opportunities and given freedom to flourish, think and act. Last year in Glamm ONN Miss and Mrs India she won the title  of Mrs. India Congeniality 2018. Her beauty, simplicity and performances won many hearts out there. This lady mesmerised us with her looks and thoughts. 

Her confidence and smiles were commendable. Before winning the title of Mrs. India Congeniality 2018 she had many feathers in her cap. She won the title of 

Before winning the title for Mrs. India Congeniality 2018 she had many feathers in her cap. She won the title of

Miss fitness in 2010

Miss RJ in 2008

Miss Chandigarh Face 2007


We were really lucky to interview this lady and get her thoughts for our readers. Here is what Ameeta Raj Chaudhary shared with us.
She says "I am a warrior born from a warrior mother. I am very thankful to my mother for inculcating in me the values and teachings to live for oneself. Today, being a mother makes me a more responsible daughter as well. Now I understand my mother better. She, along with my daughter Yashasvi, is the one who inspired me . I had represented myself as a daughter of a mother and a mother of two daughters. Being a woman doesn't mean sexy, slim, sweet or perfect. A woman is one who grows stronger with every rejection she faces. A woman is one who respects, accepts and loves.
 I start my day with chanting mantras to  : Reflect, Reboot, and Revitalize. This practice shifts my mind to bigger and brighter things. I also like to gaze the sun and the moon as an exercise which helps boost my physical and mental wellness. 
As a badminton player, I learnt that anger isn’t worth, and yes, kindness matters a lot. When I am fit physically, I am more fit mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
 I am a mother of two girls who are appreciated by one and all. I believe that raising responsible individuals is a huge achievement and I take great pride in it. I salute all the mothers who tirelessly and selflessly raise their children though most of them forget themselves in that endeavour.
I wish every woman maintains her individuality and uses her freedom to fulfil her dreams.  Every woman has a story… a story of trials, tribulations and triumphs.
I want to represent the reality of hope and determination in all. My crown symbolizes conquering and reigning over all obstacles, as well as the beauty that stems from taking control of my own story of turning Pain into Passion & Purpose.
Obstacles come in everyone’s life. They are those frightful things which we see when we take our mind off our goals. So we need to stick to our goals. Success comes only with determination and hard work.
I will advise all to have positive and better thinking. We become what our thoughts make us; so we need to take care of our thoughts. “Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far. - Swami Vivekananda!! ”

Thank You!! "


I am sure her words will inspire us to achieve our goals.


 We wish her best of luck for her future.


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