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Break your Mental Barriers

posted by kriti on 27/Feb/2020

Story- Elephant with the rope

Elephant with rope

A man abruptly halted on seeing an Elephant camp. He saw that elephants were sitting in an open field free from chains or any boundaries. He noticed small ropes tied to their front legs which were too easy for such powerful creatures to get rid of.


The man became curious to know what was holding elephants from eloping. They had a pretty good chance of escaping. He kept looking at them for a long time. Still, he was not able to understand why the Elephants were not using a bit of their force to break the rope and run away.

The man saw the trainer. He ran to him and asked him why these animals which are known for their strength are behaving in a timid way.
The trainer laughed and replied- It is what training is about. Their minds are conditioned to believe the unbelievable. The mind which sets you free seldom becomes prison too. Your thoughts, believe, and fear conditions your mind and direct your actions. The body is just a follower, Mind is the driver.

When they were young they were tied with the same rope. At that time the rope was enough to hold them. They used force but could not set themselves free. Their failures conditioned their minds, it made them believe in the strength of the rope. They grew up with the thought that they cannot set themselves free from the hold of the rope and that one idea held them back from trying to use their strength to set them free.

The man was shocked but he learned a big lesson.

As those Elephants we are also stuck and that too just for two reasons-

1 We fail to try.

2. We grow up with self doubts.

Ask yourself - What's Stopping me?

If you are also not checking what mental barriers you are growing with then you will also cripple for life. The world will try to hold you back but you should never stop believing in you. You should trust your courage, abilities, and intelligence. 

In life whenever you are stuck, figure out what holds you. Fight your fears. Gather courage to try again and again despite uncountable failing attempts. Keep up the hope otherwise, you will never set yourself free despite having great opportunities for being ahead of the situations. As those elephants don't choose to be the victim by choice.

Try ...Try and Fail ...but never fail to try!


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