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Change Lifestyle to cure depression

posted by Gopal Goyal on 02/May/2019

Life is a roller coaster ride where after every up there is down and after every down there is an up and this ride is our whole life and it stops only when we die. Today the problem is that we want life to be smooth and simple though we have complicated it too much with our wants, desire, feelings…The complicated life has indeed made us depressed.

Today we will find millions of people depressed . The surprising fact is that even children are dealing with this problem.

 depression, unhappiness

Lets find the natural ways to cure depression and anxiety disorders by changing  our lifestyle. Lets try to help ourselves and save us from the clutches of this depression.

 Don’t live your life only for others

It is good to keep others happy but what if it is giving too much stress in return. Do good to others but not at the cost of your health. Take time for yourself don’t just keep yourself busy in serving others. You yourself is important too, serve yourself. Put yourself first and stop worrying about everything else. So, free yourself from numerous traps and enjoy your life to the fullest.


 Never compare yourself to others

Each and every one in this world is born with some unique qualities. So, never compare yourself with others. Always be happy with what you are. There are two types of comparison, one is good and  the other is bad. The healthy comparison can motivate and encourage you to perform better than others. However, if the comparison makes you feel jealous and less worthy than others, then you must avoid such comparison by considering it as a bad habit. The best way to overcome such bad comparison is by building up of self confidence. Just believe that you are the best person in this whole world and the others are good too.


 Don’t spend too much time on Facebook or whats app or any social networking site

Spending too much time on social networking sites like Facebook can actually lead you in the state of depression. Because of these social networking sites, people spend more virtual time with friends rather than going out and having fun. Moreover, you come across everyone’s happy and joyful status updates along with their cheerful pics on your wall. Those pics can be meaningless but to you it can have a different meaning, it will play with your emotion. Lets say I met a friend on road and it started raining so I shared my umbrella and clicked our picture and posted . I was with her for just 5 mins but when you saw that pic you had a different perception. You may think that I am enjoying with her in rains and this will make you feel sad or jealous. That picture will force you to think, that others are enjoying and you have a dull life. Social sites definitely have become a mean for show off,  so don’t let the sad feelings disturb you, just stay away from such sites and spend more time with people around you.


Self talk

One of the most effective ways to overcome stress and depression is self-talk. Moreover, for this you may keep a private diary where you can write down all your thoughts, experiences, feelings and dreams. A diary of your good times and bad times , happy and sad times. Write more of positive in it. Make it your friend and keep it personal.This habit can free you from depression and change your life dramatically.


Interact with People

Be an active participant in every group. Don’t detach yourself from the society. It is very important to have friends.  Try to be surrounded with good positive fun loving people who can fill colors in your life.


 Pick a Goal

Setting up of any realistic goals can help you in conquering depression or anxiety. Picking of any achievable type of goal will truly inspire you to achieve those goals. You will remain very much excited and energized. Moreover, every time you achieve any goal, your self confidence will be increased. Don’t set higher goals that are difficult to achieve. This can make you even more depressed and sad for being failed to reach the goal. Therefore, start with some easy goals that can be easily achieved such as going for a 5 min walk. Once you start attaining such small goals, you will desire for more. Plus, you will get more confidence to achieve higher goals.


 Intake of essential Vitamins

Fish oil and B Vitamins are found to be very helpful in reducing few symptoms of depression. Omega-3 Fatty Acids works wonder in overcoming depression. Fish like salmon and sardines are rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids can lift your mood significantly. It helps in improving brain function, hormonal balance, neurological disorders and depression. Lack of B-Vitamins, mainly Vitamin B1, B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12 can lead to signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety. It is always better to cure depression naturally instead of taking drugs with hazardous chemicals.


 Physical exercise

Take some time to either for meditation, yoga, prayer, exercise, aerobics, zumba , swimming or any outdoor game which can keep your body fit. Even if you spend  just fifteen minutes a day, it can really transform your disturbed state of mind into a calm one.


Follow these ways of leading life and try to say depression a good bye forever and ever.

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