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Dealing with Diappoinments

posted by kriti on 25/Nov/2019

 Disappointments- a source of psychological stress

The electrocardiograms which show ups and downs are believed to be normal but a straight line on that graph can be scary as it is the sign of being dead. Movement is a must. Fluctuating body, mind, and breath are the signs and symptoms of being alive.
 To foster, to grow we have to face the challenges of life and flow on and on with the dreams and targets we've got decided to attain. Accomplishing a consolation zone makes people wish their life to move as sluggish as a sloth. Their risk-taking capacity reduces. Some people seek to avoid defeat by turning into underachievers. A few human beings are seeking to avoid defeat with the aid of turning into underachievers. They deliberately set the bar low and keep away from taking risks, to save themselves or others from being disenchanted. Such conduct forces them to lead a mediocre and unfulfilled life.
Life is precious and we are here for a while and in such a brief time we ought to apprehend existence and grasp the art of dwelling. The irony is that we assume that we are permanent here and waste our time in comparing our valuable blessings and offerings with others. We tend to forget that every single human being on earth has his own set of problems and has his own approaches of dealing with those barriers.
  Every coin has two sides and with every flip, there is an equal chance of getting a head or a tail similarly with every moment of life we are susceptible to happiness and sorrows, appreciations and degradations, opportunities and demanding situations, encouragements and disappointments.
 All the situations churn us and turn us and bring a change in us. The difficulties and dismays pave the way to inner boom. No matter how skillful, tactful, hard worker or smart worker we are, we all go through the life curve which is full of ups and downs.
  Disappointment comes in everyone's life. One day honey and one-day onion that's the rule of life.
 Every day is a difficult day for those who don't know how to conquer the flaws and to create the best within the limitations set forth.  Disappointment is a natural phenomenon. Every successful man on the earth has faced disappointments at some point in his lifetime but the reason behind his success has been his philosophies of existence which gave him the braveness to face the problems and his disciplines which had let him be addicted to to the path of his achievements.

 Disappointment is a disturbance or an uncomfortable feeling,  that follows the failure of expectations or hopes to manifest which can  triumph over with proper evaluation and emotional stability.
 When disappointment hits we feel closed and withdrawn for a while but to revive from such times we need to develop the core values of accepting the failures and setbacks and gather enough courage to stand up in the darkness. To constructively deal with disappointment, we need to first understand the whole happening. Some instances of disappointment are predictable and preventable. But others are inescapable and beyond our control. To manage disappointment, we need to distinguish between situations that fall within our control and factors that are beyond it. The distinction will assist us to address our frustrations more properly.
 The most important factor which let us deal with the failures is the learning mindset. If we take every failure as a lesson for learning then it is sure that we will frame our future with alignment to our goals.
Renowned the reality that the adventure of life is never going to be smooth for a long time, somewhere the bumps will definitely hit, the challenges will try to knock us down, the failures will distract, deviate and try to stop us from moving further and if we give up quickly and don't gather strength to stand again then the disappointments turn into proper permanent failures but if they are properly accepted, analyzed and evaluated then they become the basis of success.

Reasons for disappointments, dismays,  and disillusionment-

 Too high Goals-
Most of the time we ourselves are the principle reasons for disappointments. Sometimes we set up too high goals which are rarely achievable.  So to remain stimulated we ought to keep on reviewing our goals well timed and should element its achievability factors with the inner and outer modifications.  When we feel disappointed or discouraged we should think about our larger vision and recommit to it.
Too Many Expectations-
The other self-created reason for discouragements is too many expectations. Expectations always lead to disillusionments and then disappointments. Lots of our dreams that we pursue are unconscious, sublimated, and frequently contradictory. All of us on this planet have unpredictable behaviors, desires, and goals. So to expects others to be aligned with our expectations will lead to disillusionment.
False barriers-
The alternative massive reason behind disappointments is the fake obstacles created by ourselves which limit us to assume and act beyond. We should check on those restrictions and break those limitations which actually have no existence.
Comparisons -
Humans always make comparisons but the extent of comparisons has increased many folds. Earlier we used to get satisfied with the limited means but due to exposure to social media, our habit of comparison has triggered and has become the main reason for dissatisfaction. The expensive objects, the beautiful people in others' life, or the important titles they possess should not disturb us. We should now not envy.
Disappointment is a communicable disorder. It is goes like-
If I may be dissatisfied, i will disappoint you
If you will be disenchanted, you may disappoint others
And collectively we can create a disappointing world for certain.

Disappointment is a part of life and all parts of life help us grow if nurtured with positivity and sensibility.  In spite of whatever disappointing experiences come our way, we should not permit bitterness take root. Being discouraged is always a choice but resetting, and starting anew, is a powerful behavior habit that needs to be practiced to add value to life.

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