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Life After Retirement

posted by kriti on 06/Nov/2019

Some people are lucky enough to get a chance to lead a retired life. Retirement is that beautiful phase of life in which we are left with plenty of time to accomplish the desires holding our hearts for a long time. This is the time when we actually can have "me time".
Life after the '60s is a golden opportunity for those who plan it well. It is the age of enjoyment. It is the precious time which can be spent with self, for self, with loved ones, and for the loved ones. It is a valuable time of life that can be easily converted into the best period of life if handled mindfully.


retirement life

 Today age does not matter, everyone out there is young till the time he or she is in good health and young at heart. The good health, right mindset and enough funds are the keys to enjoy life at any age. After retirement, we get an additional and the most important key along with the other three keys to enjoy life and that master key is called time.

Life is uncertain, the scope for leading life on own terms is very less. Due to the uncertainty of life, we should focus on enjoying life to the fullest. We should live each day as it is the last day of our life. We should try to do things which make us happy.
Retirement should be considered as an opportunity, not as a burden. After working for so many days, years we finally get time for ourselves so we should value it and should not let this precious time just go away due to our habit of ignoring things. Remember the golden rule- Time once lost never come back.
Retirement offers a lot, first of all, it relieves from job stress, it blesses with abundant time for hobbies, travel, family, volunteer work, socializing or just relaxing. There is so much to do. Try to make a routine and follow it so that nothing remains left. Remember anything you do with your heart will make you happy and now this is the right time to follow your heart. Your routine should include physical and mental exercises, routine domestic chores, meetings, socializing, entertainment, learning new skills, some social services, actions for self-improvement and so on.
You can do many things at your home like cooking for your spouse, cleaning your home, gardening, watching films, reading the newspaper, listening to the music of choice, going for walk or reading books of choice, net surfing, exercising and taking better care of health. This is the time when you can give most of the time to your family.

You can plan things for your spouse like you can take her out for a movie, dinner, shopping, temple. Share light responsibilities with her like ironing, drying clothes, depositing bills, etc. You can plan a get-together.
Beware of the mistakes which other retirees make by keeping themselves idle for all day long and then getting the feel of being unproductive, bored and depressed. Try to recognize the opportunities you have. In fact, its the time when you can lead a stress-less life. Where you can choose to undertake positive stress to increase productivity.
 Pre-retirement income and earlier savings determine the retirement lifestyle but more than that it is the attitude that dictates the way of living.
At a young age, we should learn a few basics of life which can go a long way in framing our future. We should learn to embrace life with enthusiasm and confidence. The biggest factor which can drive life on the road of comfort and betterment is the positive attitude. In fact, it can give real resilience as we get old. An optimistic attitude saves us from a few illnesses and also lets us recovers more quickly than pessimism does when we are unwell. Negative attitude not only gives stress and depression but also makes our immune system weak.
The other big lesson on happier me, healthier me ...is SMILE, SMILE, and SMILE. When we are happy, our body and mind release endorphins and other chemicals which reduces pain and unpleasantness.
Coming back to life after the '60s, we need to plan the retirement funds at an early age so that later we can lead a comfortable life. So savings should always be on our list.
People immediately after retirement become restless and thus they start finding alternative means of earning, forgetting that what precious time they have.
Retirement is not an end it is the beginning. As a child is happy to have his vacations so should you. Master the art of enjoying life. Emphasis on fitness as this is the age when the body becomes prone to disease, but you can conquer your body ailments with your will power and calm mind. Life after retirement is the time when you can rule, learn and enjoy.
Go out more often for movies, walk, gym, yoga classes, relatives' house, friends, vacations...
Prepare your food, shop the ingredients, try new recipes feed your family and make them happy. Join social media groups. Pamper yourself. Practice self-love.
Essentially we need to understand that we are important. We have given enough to society and family. Now it is time to relax, so take a back seat and enjoy life. This is the age of being a free bird.
  Don't trap yourself in the cage of stress, worries, anxieties. Let your children manage their own life. Learn and practice to leave children on their fortune. They will make it, your worries anxieties, stress will not change their future.
Infuse your life with a purpose. You are worth it.


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