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rolls royce king of alwar maharaja jai singh 1920 story rolls royce for garb garbage van




Pride Hath A Fall!

posted by kriti on 06/Feb/2020

Sometimes our tendency to judge others on the ground of their features, clothes, Nationality can crush us.  There is a true story that teaches us how important it is to be modest and humble. Most of the time appearances are deceiving so we should not be judgemental on such grounds.

Roll Royce

Rolls Royce the famous luxury car brand once encountered a great insult on being rude with one of their customers. This is a story where some snooty salesmen made the brand suffered a huge fall in its revenue and reputation. 

In the year 1920, Maharaja Jai Singh, the famous Indian King from Rajasthan was strolling along the streets of London in his casual dress. He came across the Rolls Royce showroom in the bond street and decided to pay a visit to check the car specifications and their prices.

  On looking at him, the salesmen thought him to be a poor Indian, wasting their time. They paid no attention to him. When he asked for a test drive, he was refused and was shown the exit doors.

After this insult, the king returned to his hotel room and asked his servants to call the showroom authorities and tell them that tomorrow the King of Alwar city is going to visit their showroom to buy a few of their cars.

The employees of Rolls Royce rolled the red carpet and stood in a line to greet the king and bowed down in his respect. This time Maharaja was dressed in his royal attire. The Maharaja purchased all the six cars available in their showroom at that time and paid the amount in full including the delivery costs.

After all six Rolls Royce cars reached India, the king ordered the municipality to use all these six cars in collection of city's garbage.

Soon the news of Indian king using Rolls Royce cars as garbage van spread the world in a matter of no time. This dropped the reputation of the luxury car manufacturer Rolls Royce. People started humiliating "Oh, the same car used in India for garbage collection?”. This was a massive insult for the Rolls Royce due to this tag line attached to their product, the revenue kept dropping rapidly.

 Finally, they sent a telegram to the Indian King Jai Singh apologizing for their behavior whilst he visited the showroom in London and also they offered him six more Rolls Royce cars free of cost. The king accepted their gesture and asked his people to stop using the cars for garbage collection.

The king played smartly and taught them a lesson on how to treat their customers. 


Indian king used rolls royce for garbage collection.

Story of Maharaja of alwar, Rajasthan who snubbed at Roll Royce and used the luxury cars for garbage collection.



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