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Purpose Of Life

posted by kriti on 17/Nov/2019
Why are we born? Are we born to earn a six-figure salary or we are born to have children or we are born to serve others?  what for we are born? What is the purpose of our existence? Close your eyes and question yourself what is the purpose of my existence? Why I am living on this planet? Why I am not a tree? Why I am not an insect? Why I am not an animal? Why I am blessed with the most superior form of all living entities? If I am human then what for?
I did great research on finding the purpose of life. I discovered the words of saintly people, the intellectual minds, the economist, the socialists and concluded that life has two purposes the first which is easy but we have complicated and the second which is a bit complicated but we have overlooked it.
The first one is real happiness and the second one is value addition.
Most of us don't know what exactly the real happiness means. They misinterpret the real happiness with temporary pleasure. For them, this emotion comes with an on and off button which is pressed by someone else.
 In recent decades thousands of books and countless articles and research reports have been published exploring the essence of genuine happiness and allegories related to it.
The biggest myths attached to real happiness are money, fame, hope, and achievements.
If income, wealth and fame could have been correlated with real happiness than no ordinary human on the planet have ever been found to be happy. No rich or successful person would have ever committed suicide. If joy could replace real happiness than the relationships or marriages have never been challenged or discussed in court.
The real happiness comes from within. It comes by establishing peace and harmony with our body, mind, and soul.
 You achieve true happiness when you master your mind and nurture your body and soul with positive emotions and a positive attitude. You achieve it when you start living in peace and start loving yourself. It comes when you suppress the negativity, leave behind ego and drops down the feelings of envy, jealousy, fear, and anger, when you master the art of forgiving,  when you put humanity above your benefits and when you learn to respect and love the creation of lord and know to bow down in front of lord than you taste the nectar of sincere happiness.

Remember the source of this genuine happiness is you and only you. It comes within and starts from self-love. So look for it within yourself. Polish your inner self. You are in the body to find true happiness. Look for it. Don't depend on the outside world to make you happy.

The second purpose of life is adding value. You are here on a journey. You need to learn from here. You should explore more and more and ultimately you should pass on the information related to your experiences for their benefit...to be continued...

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