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why this happens to faith story of faith




Story of faith

posted by kreti on 05/Aug/2019

When stuck in an unwanted situation, we ask ourselves... why ?? Why does this happen to me? Many times things go off the plan and we start feeling helpless, irritated and exhausted. This is the time when we forget that everything happens for a reason.
Today I am going to share a story with you where a doctor got stuck and wondered why? Why without any reason he is going through the hardships? Why his journey taking in indecent turn? Why he has reached to a place he never ever imagined of.

So here is the story of Faith and believe.

Once upon a time, there was a famous doctor- Dr. Muskin Stilton. He was a renowned oncologist and he discovered a unique medicine to cure a particular type of cancer. For his achievement, he was invited to New York where he was to be awarded for his commendable work in the field of medicine.

story of a doctor
The doctor was too excited as he was about to receive one of the highest awards in the field of research. He was happy to get acknowledge for his efforts. The award ceremony was just the next day. He packed his bag and early morning he left for the airport. He boarded the flight but just after two hours of the take-off, the plane had some technical malfunctioning due to which the pilot had to make an emergency landing in Washington.

The next flight to New York was after 10 hours. Due to bad weather in Washington, the doctor was not getting the cab with the driver. He presumed he will not reach there in time. He decided to hire a car and drive by himself. With the help of the navigation system, he started driving toward his destination. After an hour of driving there erupted an unusual error in the navigation system and it stopped working. He decided to check the route on his phone but alas his phone was out of battery.
Due to heavy rains, the visibility reduced a lot and soon he lost the way. He kept wandering in the wilderness for hours and kept yelling…Why? Why this is happening to me?  

 The doctor was too tired. Soon he found a cottage. He decided to seek help and make a call to the organizers to intimate them that he will not be able to reach there as he was stuck badly.  

He knocked on the door. A lady came out. Doctor asked if he could make a call from her phone. The lady told him that she does not have a phone, looking at the bad weather she asked him to take shelter in till the time rain stops. The doctor decided to go inside. He saw the table was laid with the food. The lady asked the doctor to join her and his 5 years old son for lunch. The doctor was too hungry so he didn’t refuse.  Soon the lady laid his plate too. They all sat to eat, before starting the food the lady asked the doctor to make prayers. To this doctor smiled and said he does not believe in such things.  For him, work is worship.
The doctor noted that when the lady was making prayers, she looked too tensed and her eyes were wet with tears. He understood that the lady was going through tough times. The moment the lady started with the food, Dr asked her “What you want from God? and do you think that your prayers will ever be answered?” With a stressful smile, the lady responded “This is my son who is quite ill and in the whole world there is only one man who can save him and his name is Dr. Muskin Stilton but I am not having enough money to reach him so I pray day and night to the almighty to make some way out. So far my prayers have not been answered but I have strong faith that one day, God will adhere to my prayers and will make me meet the doctor. I am sure God will miraculously save my child.
Listening to the lady, the doctor was dumbfounded. For a few minutes, he could not articulate a single word. His eyes were filled with tears. He was memorizing the whole incident that how the flight landed and how he was helpless to find a driver. How he lost the way and how he reached there.  
He realized that all the obstructions came in his way because of a reason, God wanted to answer the lady’s prayer, God created barriers for a reason.
In a mumbling sound, he said God is great and by the way, he has answered your prayers. I am Doctor Muskin Stilton.

The day was a turning point in Doctors life. It made him understand that his invention was not to get him recognition it was a chance for him to get blessings by helping the poor. The incident made him believe in God and also made him learned that the ultimate controller of our lives is God and we are just the followers. We should be thankful to him for whatever he offers us.


Hope you like the story. Do mention your views in the comment box.

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