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Thank God I am not a tree!

posted by kriti on 11/Nov/2019

Among the 8 planets, there is only one planet where life exists and that is where we are standing right now. The universe is so big that there is no end to it. Nobody knows where it begins and where it ends. In such a big universe how lucky we are that we are on a planet where life persists and the best part is that we are surrounded by billions and trillions of other humans among whom we can interact, share and experience life.


Think deeper and experience your luck. You are not an insect who is wandering, buzzing or searching food in a rubbish dump and eating dead bodies. You are not an elephant with the big visible ivory teeth fighting for life from the armed poachers or a fish in the sea escaping every day from the fishermen's net or a goat hung at a butcher's place and above all, you are so lucky that you are not a tree.


According to me being a tree is the most difficult life on the earth. Feel the irony - You give so much (air, rain, food, fragrance, shelter, shade) and you get almost nothing in return and still, you can't complain. 

How helpless it is to be a tree. Imagine fire everywhere around and you being a tree cannot move a bit. You cannot run, you cannot walk away. You have to just let yourself burn silently. The tree who gives us all we need, the air, food, shade, rain is so helpless for himself. He withstands scorching heat, drenches in the rain and sometimes draped in a white blanket of snow...but survives.  


I agree that it's not easy to be a human as well but believe me, it is far good to be human than in being any other life form. Being human is a real blessing. Everyone has problems in life but at the same time, we should not forget that we are here with a mind to deal with the complexities. We have the heart to enjoy life. We have emotions torejoice in the sufferings. Our body and mind are capable enough to face the complexities of life and above all, we are capable to move, move on and on far or close to the extent where we find contentment.


Somewhere we all know the fact that human form is the supreme form of life and almost all of us value this fact in their mind but in words, they talk more about miseries to seek attention. Life is not a trap, the exit is always wide open and here everybody is trying to dodge the exit and live more and more. 

Train your mind to live peacefully. In times of difficulties tell yourself- Thank God I am not a tree. I can move away from this problem. Oh yes, I am a human, the wonderful creation of God.


Remember- Neither we are born winners nor as losers, we are born as choosers. Live life and relish every moment of it.







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