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The Story of Poosalar Nayanar

posted by kriti on 21/Nov/2019
Poosalar, the fifth-eighth Nayanar Saint among the 63  Nayanars was a staunch devotee of Shiva. He was from a small town named Thiruninravur, Chennai.
Poosalar story
 He had a passionate desire to build a temple for his lord but he was a poor fellow who did not have enough funds to fulfill his desire. Every day his passion to construct temple grew stronger and stronger. He was so attached to his thought that out of curiosity he learnt every small aspect of making a temple. He consulted the spiritual text to get aware of the rules for building a temple.
 Soon he started constructing the temple in his mind. Firstly, he chose an auspicious date to begin the construction and then on that date he laid the foundation of the building.  Soon in dreams, he went far to get the best sandstones and marbles. He explored every possible place to get valuable gems and stones to make idols. He hired the best sculpturer to make the idol of Shiva.  He spent hours and days to get perfection in everything. He spent maximum time in the interiors of the temple. He referred holy books and inscriptions to find the right place to establish deities and scriptures in the temple.  He consulted calendars to choose the most auspicious date for "Kumbabhishekam", the inauguration ceremony of the temple.  This all he did in his mind only.
Parallelly Rajasimha, the king of Pallava, was also building a temple in the neighboring town of Kancheepuram. The temple he was building was a huge mesmerizing edifice and was ready for kumbabhishekam. He requested the priest to find the most auspicious date and time to perform the ceremony. The priest suggested the same date on which Poosalar had decided to do Kumbabhishekham for his imaginary temple. A few days before the rituals to be performed, Lord appeared in the dream of the king and asked him to change the date of the Kumbabhishekham. Lord told him that on that day he was already invited by Poosalaar to attend his temple function. The king was astounded to know that in his territory another grand temple was being built without his knowledge.

He was more surprised to know that the Lord was so much attached to Poosalar's temple that he wanted to visit it.

The next morning king with his army set out to locate Poosalar's temple and to find the specialty of the temple which influenced lord himself to visit it. King and his army could not locate any grand temple in the nearby area but got to know the existence of a poor man with the name Poosalar. Counting on the Lord's words, the King endeavored to meet Poosalar who was meditating under a tree. The king approached Poosalar and stated the purpose of his visit. King enquired Poosalar about the whereabouts of Shiva's temple. 

Poosalar immediately told the king about his imaginary temple. He responded- “I have built the temple in my mind and will be consecrating it also in my mind.” The king was stunned on hearing about Shiva's temple.
King was amazed to see his devotion. He thought this man is poor of worldly riches but has such a big heart where he can accommodate huge Shiva's Temple. He quickly understood why Lord was interested in his temple more than in the one he created. He immediately ordered his workmen to build the temple in the same way in which Poosalar imagined off.

The temple was built and was named as "Hridayaleeswarar temple".
Sri Hirudhayaleeswarar Sivan temple is a Hindu temple, located at Thirunindravur near Chennai, India.
The story of this temple states that the Lord capitulates to the ambit of a devotee's pure devotion and not extravaganza. The true story symbolically depicts the Vedic teachings of seeking the lord within one's heart and to emphasis on self-realization.

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