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What Indian mother wants from the new government ?

posted by kreti on 04/Jun/2019

Mr Modi has taken the oath. We are really proud of him. In his past tenure he has proved that he is truly a well-wisher and for him every common man counts. I congratulate him for winning the position again and retaining the powers to change the fortune of the country.
Through this post I want to bring forth some concerns which are haunting me as a mother. I don't doubt the actions, thoughts, decisions and efforts of the government but just as my duty I am making a little contribution in bringing into consideration the desire of every middle-class Indian mother.


The foremost thing that I am looking for is the safety of my child. In India we definitely have security issues. Newspapers and other media sources corroborate the condition. As a mother this really scares me. Today we are much safe from the outside world than the conditions leveling up within the country. Our army is vigilant and efficiently safeguarding us from the terrors and attacks penetrating from the borders but the condition persisting within the country is really scary. Houses, streets, schools and even the sacred places lack safety.
People of the nation are fearless regarding the punishment and thus disobey laws. They don't give a second thought on stabbing, raping, stealing or fighting. Here laws are not strictly enforced and this is the reason crime flourishes here. No such past examples have been set which can challenge criminal’s fearlessness to attempt crime.

In India spirituality is practiced and so many religions are preached. The principle of all religions are more or less the same, all religion teaches love, respect and non-violence but the truth is that people have adopted wrong beliefs and are administering the wrong thoughts and the irony is that we are fostering in the world surrounded with negativity.

If people have lost values and have no fear of God then the threat of legal punishment should unnerve their courage, else survival of innocent man will be difficult here.
For offenses which intervene with security of others should be strictly punished. Cases of rape with children should be taken on priority and immediate death sentence should be given to the criminals. These things in society will not stop until the punishment is immediate and severe.

Food Quality

The next biggest issue which I as a mother feels the government should take into account is the food safety.
Food is the basic requirement of every living entity. Without food we cannot survive for long. Today the food we eat certainly fulfil our hunger but at the same time it exposes us to vulnerable diseases. 90%of the food available is adulterated or badly treated with harmful chemicals, insecticides, pesticides and synthetics. Fruits, vegetables grains, milk all are full of pesticides, insecticides, preservatives and harmful chemicals.

Switching to organic food is not the solution because every time it is not available and everywhere a child can't opt for organic food. In hostels or canteens this food is not available and moreover this is substantially overpriced. The prices of organic food in India is twice or thrice as compared to the so-called natural food.

Government of India, I request you to please intervene and devise certain strict rules and measures for quality check of food items and prohibit the use of pesticides in vegetation.
A mother can not see her kids starving thus she is forced to feed harmful food as she is left with no other choice. As a mother feeding toxic food to my kids is a sin for which I seek forgiveness from the almighty in all my prayers..


The next thing which dismayed me is the sight of poverty.
Poverty, illiteracy and lack of values is leading some of the poor people towards the path of crime. The greed for money is making an issue with the safety of my own children. India needs Indians with better thinking and with better upbringing. Money in hands of few and greed of some is making difficult for middle class families to survive.
Every mother wants a safe, peaceful, happy life for her kids but the situation is that here being wealthy is a threat towards the safety of children.
The law and order of nation needs a check. Laws need to be revived.


Competition is the next big problem in India. Every parent encourages his children to lead the race but the issue is that to what level he can lead, how many he can leave behind as all the queues mount to the sky. Population is the root cause of every problem which India is facing from decades. Poverty, undue competition, illiteracy, replenished resources all are the branches of the big wild tree called population .

Why rich people who are educated are satisfied with one or two kids but the poor people who lack resources of raising kids have more children? Why government is not encouraging people to have one child? Why two is the norm here and 3 is the security? Why having children more than 3 or 4 is not considered crime here?

The resources of the nation are adversely affected because of the huge population and still this issue is not given priority. Too much population is affecting the cleanliness, increasing the crime and corruption and depleting the resources of the nation.


The movement we step out of the house we see misery around. The beauty of historical places, monuments, tourist spots, hills, rivers fade away by the sight of beggars, handicapped beggars, children with torn clothes running nose. Begging has become threat. It is not prevailing because of poverty infact it has become business. This issue irritates me as it is the main reason of kidnapping in India. Hundreds of infants are abducted daily for the begging business. The second main reason for adding this issue is that it spoils my special moments.  It has destroyed tourism. During holidays people make visit to beautiful places in India for relaxation and enjoyment but these destitute people leaves us with an impression of misery. Undoubtedly India is a beautiful nation but as the places are not properly managed  public loses interest in re visiting them.

Government as you have taken the command for next 5 years so I will like to make a modest request for the framing of pragmatic policies in line with the modern era requirements and a team of focus, diligent and direction full people who aim to see and built India a Nation which whole world can be proud of.

I am sure that problems and threat Indian mothers faces will be soon taken care of.

Looking forward for a better India, a pleasing and a prosperous India.

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